Mirage Ceramics offer unique Mirage tiles that fascinate with technical perfection, harmonious color palette and details. In the foreground are the collections for the bathroom:

Allways, Signature, Jewels, Oxy, Mashup, Noon, Ardesie, Black & White show various effects from wood look, stone look, marble look to metal look.

Mirage tiles series HMADE

HMADE is a new perspective in ceramics.
A project that aims to go beyond the traditional idea of ​​a single material in a variety of surfaces and colors. HMADE is an integrated interior design project that started with an idea but is able to combine different surfaces, structures, traditions, styles and tastes. All in one direction: your home.

Mirage tiles series TRANSITION

No hint or imitation: Transition is a sophisticated return to craft ceramics, in every element there is still feeling, matter, research.
A graphic function that leads in the world of Italian craftsmanship: an old long-known skill mingles with the technology of industrial production.

Mirage tiles series NOON

Warm and full of light, NooN is a contemporary expression of simple life. The natural warmth of the wood reflects the exciting life of the urban spaces, which is in perfect harmony with the environment. NooN interprets the essence of the wood in 5 colors, 2 surfaces and 3 sizes. The collection combines the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of shiny wood. All the exceptional technical properties of Mirage porcelain stoneware are timeless and boldly incorporated.

Mirage tiles series ALLWAYS

This wood effect porcelain stoneware collection enhances the original idea, but places an emphasis on simple harmony. Allways invents natural elements to transform them into a ceramic product with a soft pastel tone.
A porcelain stoneware interpretation of wooden floors, inspired by the Swedish modern style, plays a new, modern role. This is characterized by impeccable graphics purity and captivating nuances that warm every home environment. But that is not all. Allways takes advantage of the capabilities and high performance of Mirage porcelain stoneware to produce a panel with a tactile surface and a pure material expression of functionality and practicality.

Mirage tiles series ARDESIE

Mirage stone effect ARDESIE from the porcelain stoneware series collection interprets the elegance of a surface with a high degree of material resistance. The shapes and color combinations are selected from the best examples in the natural world to create a strong surface that does not repeat itself. This is regulated by the effect of a controlled yet casual mixture. The natural surfaces R10 and R12 provide the ability to coordinate indoor and outdoor surfaces. These surfaces always guarantee coherent spaces while at the same time optimizing the security with regard to the strength of the floor.

Mirage tiles series BLACK & WHITE

Black & White is a porcelain stoneware that enhances and enlivens the most exclusive and the most sophisticated minimalist spaces. The strong color contrast between the white ceramic and the black surfaces is a source of inspiration for design teams looking for modern, clean spaces with a lot of aesthetics.


The marble effect of the porcelain stoneware from this JEWEL collection beautifies rooms with a kind of charm that only a highly valued material can produce. An extraordinary amount of work is involved in the research and technical perfection of this collection, from the highlighting of the material tapes to the amalgamation of the delicate shades, the shining of the shades and the minutiae of fine details. The result is a masterpiece in every record.
We are excited to make the best for you. That’s why JEWELs offers twelve exclusive marble options.


An excellent and perfectly structured architectural material. Cement is the starting point of Mashup, the new porcelain stoneware collection by Mirage. The offers great possibilities with regard to the spatial configuration of the elements. The structure and function of the Mashup series would be an excellent choice for any designer and stylist.


In the Norr porcelain stoneware collection, Mirage enters a new, unique kingdom. The ceramic surfaces are tactile and harmonious, with the irregular grain at the center. The different colors and shapes create pleasant three-dimensional effects and bring more life to the surfaces with natural and modern surfaces. The Norr Stein effect can also be installed outdoors. The structured equipment has an “old” view and makes this collection the ideal solution for balconies and gardens.

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