When furnishing your apartment, you were inspired by minimalism and now you want to give this modern and light aura to your garden? But what does a modern garden design look like? The secret is not only in modern architecture and garden furniture, but in clear forms. Change the bushes and chaotic planting with strict forms and you will enjoy a modern garden! Inspiring ideas and useful tips can be found here!

Modern garden design – less is more

The basic concept of the modern garden is the maximum minimalism. The rule is “less is more”. Forget chaotic planting! Grasses, of course, are only available in orderly beds and by no means with colorful flowers. The garden décor is with refined details or there is none. When it comes to materials in modern garden design, they are very reduced. To get an overview of the most important elements, scroll down. “Focus.de” introduces the opinion of experts in modern garden design.

The water as an element of modern garden design

The water means clarity and tenderness. Exactly this component creates the overall picture of the modern garden. But you do not meet water in its romantic sense, but with simple shapes like a garden pond, but without water lilies or a large swimming pool. It will be the eye-catcher in your garden and brings a bit of luxury. When combined with wood panels, we really talk about a modern garden design. The minimalist style creates an oasis of peace, therefore, the order in the garden plays an important role. Determine boundaries between water and vegetation, indoor and outdoor. Recommended are the geometric figures or garden paths. Create a sense of proportion.

The materials

When talking about modern garden design, it is modern and high quality materials. They also need to be low maintenance because the modern garden is for modern and busy people. Different combinations between concrete and glass, or natural stones and wood are breathtaking. But when we say wood, do not imagine solid wood. Large modern wooden panels fit in with modern gardens. The color scheme is discreet and reduced. Excellent are tender white or noble gray. Gravel also finds its place in the modern garden, as it can form clear shapes.

Design a relaxing sitting area

Modernity does not just mean a simple design, but comfort, a luxurious lifestyle, just a relaxing garden environment. To make your garden a paradise, create a recreational area. This can also be a sitting area or why not with a sunbed next to the swimming pool. The most important thing is that the garden furniture be of high quality. Our top choices are the armchairs made of rattan. The furniture made of solid wood does not fit modern garden design.

The planting

Most preferred are the grasses. They are perfectly combined with the wood panels or gray concrete. But if you prefer flower beds, do not forget the motto of the modern garden – “less is more”. The planting is used only as an accent and in beds on different levels. Vertical gardens become a real eye-catcher in the modern garden. The plants can be placed in concrete buckets to form the strict forms. Wooden beams are also very modern and beautiful.

You can only create a garden paradise with the appropriate decoration

The garden decoration ensures the happy mood in the garden and sometimes has a calming and homely feel. If you have already chosen the modern style, you should also opt for modern deco. A Zen garden design can also be modern if you create minimalist sculptures. The stones can also be decorative elements. The modern garden will be cozy and warm with a fireplace. It must also be inspired by minimalism, preferably in white or black with a simple design.

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