Any man who wants to look modern and stylish should know something about the hip hairstyles for 2018. And since most men like to wear short hair because they are the easiest to care for and style, we offer in this article all about men’s hairstyles! Find out the gentlemen who are the latest trends in short” hairstyles> and get some styling tips to help them out. Enjoy reading!

Modern men hairstyles short – Sidecut

Among the absolute top short hairstyles for 2018 is certainly the sidecut (also called sidepart). The hair on the sides are worn shorter and the outer hair stays longer. But this hairstyle has nothing to do with Undercut, which has become extremely popular today. Because with the sidecut the side parts are not simply shaved to a length, and the transitions are much softer compared to the undercut. The men with a sidecut hairstyle look confident, intelligent and attractive. You can either style the top coat with hair wax, or leave it longer (about 10 to 15 cm long) to get a modern Messy look. There is also another variation of the sidecut that looks extra fancy. This is actually an interesting combination of short and medium-length hairstyle, in which the hair is briefly shaved off only on one side of the crown, and left on the other side medium length. This type of haircut is particularly eye-catching and impresses with its asymmetrical shape.

Men’s Hairstyles Short – Crew Cut

Very modern this year is also the so-called “crew cut”. The hairs on the side parts are cut to about 15 mm, and from the ears they are getting longer by leaving the top hair longest. The hairstyle needs almost no care, and can be made very quickly and easily with the hair machine – while the visit to a professional hairdresser is not mandatory. With a crew cut, you would be intelligent, courteous and reliable. This haircut is also popular among the famous men – an excellent example of this is the former “Sexiest Man Alive” Channing Tatum.

Hairstyle Trends 2017 – Buzz Cut and Shaved Heads

The trend for 2018 is also the Buzz Cut, in which the hair is cut to about 10-15 mm, and the shaved heads. The extremely short hairstyles actually have two important advantages that should not be underestimated – they are particularly easy-care and practical, and emphasize the face very well. The shaved head may seem too radiant to you at first glance, but this haircut exudes masculinity and sporty elegance. An example of this is the actors Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson.

Men’s hairstyles short – zerzause hair

The short hairstyles with a messy look look like they’ve just jumped out of bed. But ruffled hair is an absolute hit today, and particularly appealing to the opposite sex. You can leave the top coat and the sides a little longer, so that they fall loose in the face. This hairstyle also needs almost no care – you could just run your fingers through the hair, and the ruffled look is already done! Such a haircut looks casual and interesting, and as stated above it will guarantee you the attention of women. On official occasions, you could style your hair with gel backwards – so you get a great sleek look, which is currently really hip.

Modern Rockabilly Hairstyles Men – Bold Cut

One of the most modern hairstyles for short hair this year is the so-called “Bold Cut” – an interesting hairstyle in the style of the 70s. The hair is completely shaved to the same length about 1-2 cm above the ears. The effect obtained is like a “pot haircut”. The hairstyle can be either smooth, or completely graduated, and looks particularly striking and extravagant. The photos above might give you a better idea of ​​it.

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