Men’s” hairstyles men also have their trends these days. the man of today is vain and cares no less than a woman for his image appearance. it therefore wonder that new are constantly being developed among hairstyles. cuts get sweeter more fluid undercut far from out fashion.> is often combined with a dense pony or simply falling strands.

Trendy men’s hairstyles – casual and uncomplicated

The current” men hairstyle> should be above all changeable and, above all, uncomplicated and suitable for everyday use. When it comes to ponyparty, it’s best to be cut so that it can be combed back with a bit of styling gel. This offers variety and can be a bit conservative or rather rocky, matching the modern beard. Excessive hair in men is barely seen, but the trend to medium-length hair remains. They can be summarized to a Halfbun or simply withdrawn casually. Some color can be there too. The trendy “Granny Hair” are more and more popular with men. So interesting color accents are set in the hairstyle and you get a playful look.

Halfbund – casual and elegant

Caught! The gentlemen have looked at the women’s Liblingsfrisur and already carry a bun. So you survive very pleasant the “Bad Hair Days”. For a more elegant look, the gentleman can comb his hair back severely and then tie it together. Some gel brings the annoying new hair and hair in order. A Bun looks cool and rocky when he is loosely tied unkempt.

Short hairstyles – stylish and practical

Short hair is always trendy, because a short” hairstyle is> both stylish and practical. They dry very fast and the hairstyle can be shaped quickly. Slightly longer hair at the top allows different styling. This gives you more freedom to creatively shape your hair. The styling products can help a lot here. Whether smooth backwards, sideways, forwards or upwards, everything to your own taste and occasion.

Medium long men’s hairstyles 2017

The medium-length” hair> is a classic. The fashion comes from the last century and is adapted from today. The hair is graded and the pony party goes up to just above the eyebrows. So the hair is fuller and the hairstyle gets a playful texture. For this styling, you should simply rub the hair with the towel after washing. When you blow dry it is recommended to use a flat brush for soft tips. Apply a little styling gel to your hands and apply only to the tips of your hair. You can then style to the front or to the side for a natural hair styling. Casual curly with a shorter beard is a cool combination.

Rokabilly male hairstyles

This sidecut” hairstyling> is a hit this year. Laterally, the hair is cut short and left the covering hair longer. This hairstyle looks very extravagant and offers several styling possibilities. For confident men, the Pompadour” hairstyle is> the bestseller. Especially cool hair looks shorter with a shorter beard and so you have an irresistible rebellious male look procured.

Executive Contour – the hippest hairstyle

With full beard or mustache, the hipster” style is> also in fashion this year. The designation of this hairstyle is the shaved vertex, which gives more contour and masculinity. Neck area is cut very short, while covering hair stays longer. With a little styling gel, the top hair can be smoothly combed sideways or styled as you wish. A full beard or mustache goes with the cool contrast and the look is perfect.

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