The biggest fashion event in London has turned into a street style scene. And when it comes to street fashion, this style of clothing can sometimes be more stunning than the high fashion on the catwalk. To convince yourself, take a deep breath and take a look at the men’s fashion trends for 2018. Find the best street style looks on London’s streets!

Men’s Fashion 2018: Checked pattern is the new trend

Do you remember the children’s movie classic “Charlie and the chocolate factory”? If Charlie was not a chocolate maker, but a fashion designer, he would have worn a plaid blazer. The

If you have seen our ranking for must-have clothes for the winter wardrobe, then the flight jacket is sure to have caught your eye. These jackets can be a real eye-catcher if you just follow a simple rule – the bigger, the better!

Vibrant colours

Have you heard the term “too much red” several times? Forget him because he no longer exists in the fashion dictionary. The men street style looks have already proven it and fashion can not be argued. When talking about colors in menswear, we should emphasize that pink color has long been more than just feminine color. And let’s be honest, the men combine the pink and pink colors better than the women, and stand out from the crowd!

Unisex and asymmetrical

In menswear, the boundaries between the sexes have long since disappeared. The unisex fashion is in. The tunics are also found again in the menswear, as a few years ago – the skirts and dresses. Exciting are the men asymmetric shapes and cuts, certainly when it comes to T-shirts. Just like women, certain parts of the body can be concealed with it.

Conclusion: Everything is allowed and can only be limited by your imagination! No matter if it’s modern or not, you should feel comfortable in the outfit.

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