Our daily outfit also includes some jewelry. For women, as for men, the wearing of jewelry is a fashion must. Beautiful, masculine bracelets and jewelery give the male look an extra boost. A cool men’s bracelet, matching the style and occasion of the dress, can be an elegant alternative or a complement to the watch. Wrapped leather bracelets, a narrow sterling silver or gold cuff or thick stainless steel chains give the men’s outfit that certain something.

“Style is what you create, not what you copy”

Everyone, whether a man or a woman, has its own style of clothing, jewelry or cosmetics. Some are fancy and extravagant, others prefer the simple chic, which is easier to transform. For Valentine’s Day, birthday or similar occasion, surprise your friend or partner with a fancy men’s bracelet. A men’s bracelet can also be presented as a friend’s gift. Rocky, cool or casual, this piece of jewelry for men should underline your style and make you look stunning. Matching the elegant look are minimalist stainless steel bracelets or filigree gold and silver bracelets. A perfect accessory for shirt and tie. Cool, shameless braided leather bracelets in dark shades of brown match the current trendy military look. Not everyone can imagine colorful bracelets for men. Why not? Colored men’s jewelry is particularly good in summer, for example, the short-sleeved white T-shirt.

Men’s bracelet – that certain something made of stainless steel

Cool materials such as stainless steel or silver are very trendy and are particularly suitable for an elegant business outfit. Although these bracelets look robust and rebellious, they carry a special elegance with them. For a man who tends to elegant style, such a gentleman’s accessory is a particularly suitable gift. For the surfer-type, sporty-elegant man or the cool rocker who prefers the casual dress style, the leather bracelets fit perfectly as a completion to the outfit.

Men’s bracelet – cool leather jewelry for a casual look

Who is trendy, currently wearing narrow leather bracelets, which can be wrapped twice and several times around the wrist. For a casual look, the bracelets are ideal for wrapping with a combination of different types of leather or simply several individual bracelets that are worn on top of each other. An exciting contrast is created with a narrow sterling silver bracelet or mounted stainless steel elements and pearls.

Men’s bracelet with engraving – personal gift from the heart

A great present for the loved one, which certainly ensures enthusiasm. Such gifts are a sign of special attention and something very personal. A huge selection of men’s bracelets fascinate the men’s world. The bracelets can be engraved not only as a romantic gift, but with names, initials, life mottos or sprays. Mostly, the engravings are dedicated to the loved ones, even as a souvenir of deceased people to mitigate their grief. So that the men’s bracelet is transformed into something very special, you can let your heart speak and make the bracelet just the way you want. So you will never miss the Christmas, birthday, as a romantic present or as a personal surprise in between and give the recipient a pleasure.

Men’s bracelet – individual style to decorate

A striking attribute of any men’s bracelet is the closure. Closures are very different and usually more noticeable than the bracelet itself. The most commonly used types of closure are:

  • Snap closure – suitable for leather bracelet. Button pressed through punched holes
  • Metal closure – this type of closure offers countless design freedom and is a very reliable and safe decision. Typical examples are the carabiner, anchor or hook closure.
  • Magnetic closure – extremely secure closures. For more security they are brought in conjunction with screw caps.
  • Knot closure – both ends are knotted together. Ensures easier length adjustment
  • Hole closure – with this type of closure the end is pushed through the closure part. Uncomplicated size adjustment

Bracelet jewelry – a rocker luck

The variety of men’s bracelets is very extensive, and everyone can easily find the missing accent to the outfit. Every single men’s bracelet has its charm and fits a particular personality with its unique taste. Material selection of the bracelet is in men an indication of the occasion to which they wear it. Exclusive gold bracelet or one of silver, leather, stainless steel or textile, all these materials play an important role in the choice. It is important that everyone finds his accessory and beautifies the men’s world.

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