Hair protects the sensitive scalp from harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation and cold. But they also serve as a mirror of your soul. Since a well-styled hair “opens some doors”, it needs a matching hairstyle. Do not you mean it? Haircuts should never be underestimated for this reason. The right hairstyle has great appeal. It is considered a beauty attribute and gives you its own appeal. Trends in fashion come and go. So it is in hair fashion and hairstyling. One thing is for sure: Hairstyling is considered attractive – in women as in men. Choosing the right hairstyle is therefore much more important than choosing a pair of shoes. But today we are talking about men hairstyles and that about the trendy hair roller for you, dear gentlemen! One of the most striking male hairstyles, which attracts everyone’s attention. Why is Pompadour hairstyle trendy? Let’s see!

Men Hairstyles – Trend 2017: chic quiff!

If you value his appearance, you probably want to wear the perfect hairstyle. If you are a self-confident man and want to express your sense of style, then put on the cool quiff! A quiff or pompadour is synonymous with rock’n’roll, perfection and passion. A look from the earlier days, which experienced its revival and came back in fashion. A retro hairstyle, but a total hit with the men ‘s hairstyles. But if you want to wear the hair roll, you need the right haircut. Since a Pompadour hairstyle combines lots of body and volume, it needs a certain amount of hair, but also a lot of attention to make it look perfect. The upper covering hairs are left long and styled wildly or accurately backwards. Find out more about this volume hairstyle here. Continue reading!

Men with hair rollers have trend awareness …

… and style!

What are the styling variants of the hair rollers? Due to the pony length and the cut of the remaining hair this hairstyle gets different forms. A few styling tips can be found here:

The shorter the hairs are on the sides, the more dominant the hair roller will look! The side parts have a length of at least one centimeter.

The transition to the rest of hair can also be soft!

Pompadours do not always have to be canceled. You can also be pampered with nice styling creams or volume foams and the matching Quiffstyler!

Cool Pompadour hairstyle: masculine, modern and versatile!

With a hair dryer you bring the hair to a halt at the neck. You could use gel or hair wax for a flexible styling and then styling with hair spray! The great thing can also be loosened up a little with your hands! Because shiny hair is a real eye-catcher, right?

Do not cover gray hair, as they will give your look a bright accent!

Modern men’s hairstyles: effective pompadour hairstyle in many forms!

The undercut with pompadour is one of the current trends in men’s hairstyles. This look is not only very impressive, but also makes you a few inches taller! A great idea for the smaller men!

For Toupieren you lift strand by strand and drive with a comb against the grain! Carefully prepare the lot to the rear!

The creativity of men’s hairstyles is limitless. Cats classic, fancy or just charming to wear? You decide!


Modern men’s hairstyles are available for everyone. Whether short-cut, medium-long or long hair, short or longer side parting, accurate or wild styling, undercut or sidecut … The number of men’s hairstyles is great, but even greater is their effect on the others. So many celebrities have opted for the modern pompadour hairstyle. These include Bruno Mars, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and many more. Because men can also be happy. Wearing hair rollers? Why not? Discover more inspirations for your next Pompadour hairstyle in the following gallery!

Men’s hairstyles – trends come and go. Hoarfrost is but forever!

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