I have recently discovered the pleasant crafts of decorative stones. What is not to like? Her canvas is free! Okay, maybe it’s not so clear when you actually buy a bag of rocks. But that’s okay. Painted stones are cheap, no matter what! And if you have small children and want to design a project for a rainy day, a bag of Michael’s Stones can be your best friend!

Ideas for original crafts with stones

Painted stones – what can you do with them? Many things!
1. Turn them into magnets.
2. Decorate your garden.
3. Create seasonal decorations.
4. Give your inner artist free rein and create a mini masterpiece. (And if you make a mistake, it’s okay, just take another stone!)

Great Mandalas

5. Take craft time for the kids (indoors or outdoors.)
6. Do paperweights or gifts. , , or give the paperweights as gifts. (I think it’s a great idea to give away ornate stones, children love to make them, and grandparents love to have them.)
7. Create your own rock pet (with attached google eyes, bows, or hair)
8. Write inspirational messages on the stones.
9. Sell your creations! If it’s worth it and you get a good sum for it, you can calm it down. , , There are many Etsy shops selling art bricks.
10. One million other things that I have not thought of yet!

Crafting with natural materials

Painted stones step by step

1. First, of course, you have to find the perfect stone. Make sure the stones are smooth and rounded. The boulders or stones found on the beach are the best. Pay attention to the particular natural shape of the stone if you have a particular design in mind such as a cat, an owl or a caterpillar. Finding just the perfect stone is part of the fun!
2. If you do not have time to hike for the perfect stone, you can march down to Michael’s Crafts or another nearby craft. Michaels has pockets made of natural stones that come in small, large, dark or light colors, so you have the choice to take exactly the one you need!

DIY owl stones

3. When you pick up your stones from Mother Nature, be sure to take the stones. Only national and city parks prohibit that.
4. If you have taken your canvas off the outdoors, you will want to make sure it is nice and clean. Wash with a little warm water and soap, then dab dry. You could even scrub on it with an old toothbrush.
5. Some stones have rough patches on the surface that make painting a bit more difficult. You can remove them with sand and smudge paper so that their painted stones look nice in the end.

6. At this stage, you are ready to bring your design to the rocks. It might be good to try practicing your design on a piece of paper, perfecting it. When you actually draw your picture on the rocks, you can use a pencil, a chalk, or soapstone – or even an ultrafine Sharpie marker, which provides a lot of control and gives you the ability to draw small details.

7. Right now you can start painting! Be patient and move from most of the design to the smallest, let each layer dry well before moving on. You can use a hair dryer to let the paint dry faster.
8. When you have finished your design, it’s time to seal it! Use a sealer and add one or even two coats to make sure your art will last for a long time.

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