Mediterranean plants in the garden bring summer freshness home. They have become accustomed to sunny and dry locations that are typical of the Mediterranean.

Inspiring for every ‘Mediterranean plant gourmet’

If the average minimum temperature of the particular garden location is known, you can easily choose Mediterranean plants for the garden. Three types of winter temperature can be distinguished: winter-hardy and Mediterranean-looking plants for cold districts; conditionally hardy plants for milder regions and the third category: real Mediterranean plants for hot areas. In the following paragraph, I will give you an overview of the most recognizable and significant plants from these groups, and you will expand your knowledge even further. Just as in colder areas, a Mediterranean garden dreamland can be produced. Suitable for this are hardy plants that are very similar to Mediterranean plants or are de facto winter hardy Mediterranean plants.

Conditionally hardy Mediterranean plants aka woody plants and dust

The gentleman in the Mediterranean green area, is the olive tree. He is often called the real olive tree. This wood is medium in size. He belongs to the family of olive trees. It has been cultivated since the 4th millennium as a crop. There are about 20 species, of which only Olea europaea is widespread. The need for water is timely poor. The olive tree is basically very hungry for the sun and should be in the full sun all day if possible. Olive trees are extraordinary plants that we have to take care of in winter to winterize the olive tree. Bonus advice: please get used to the olives in spring to the sunlight, otherwise it can lead to ugly leaf burns.

Of the many summer flowers that are recommended by the business world, especially fuchsias and geraniums (which are actually pelargoniums) are termed perennial as limited winter hardy summer flowers. In mild regions, they can be overwintered or kept in winter, so that they have beautiful flowers in the next spring and summer. Another possibility is a conditionally winter suitable plant like the Schöpflavendel (Lavandula stoechas), which comes with a minimum luck successfully through the not hard winter.

Once you get to know the nature and culture of the Mediterranean, you will no doubt choose the olive tree.

Enjoy the Mediterranean fruits

The olive tree is a slow-growing tree that gets even better every year!

Botanical Garden Bonn is a plant paradise!

The right location for Mediterranean plants

Bougainvillea bloom

Real olive tree or Olea europaea

Hardy Mediterranean plants also known as groves and dusts

The hardy palm trees have a Mediterranean aura and can be used in most regions. Here are some hardy woody plants mentioned: the hand palm (genus Trachycarpus), the Chinese hemp palm (Trachycarpus fortunei or wagneriensis), the rarer needle palm (Rapidophylium hystrix), the dwarf palm cypress (Cypressus sempervirens), the trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata) and the willow leaf Pear (Pyrus salicifolia). In the next chapter you will receive information about winter Perenne information. Species that are considered exemplary and lasting are the Mediterranean perennial plants and lavender. We also have to suggest the Echinacea coneflower followed by the wolfberry species. The bear claw and the torch lily are expressly pronounced. The irises (or iris) are very impressive because of their striking flowers, which are executed in a skilful manner.

Real Tyrolean hanging geraniums

What would Provence be without lavender?

Mediterranean plants for your terrace and balcony


Trachycarpus fortunei (Chinese Hemp Palm)

Let yourself be inspired now!

We hope that by using this article you will soon become the proud owner of your new Mediterranean plants! At the end we wish you a lot of success and real pleasure in the selection and please note the preconceived opinion of the experts! This is a real and attractive challenge for all plant lovers. And do not forget that the flowers make the garden, not the fence.

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