The marble floor is one of the most elegant flooring materials that you can choose for your kitchen. Fully natural, it is harvested from the belly of a mountain in large stone slabs, which are then sliced. Then they are refined into individual tiles, slabs and mosaics that are used in standard construction processes.

“Normal” tiles or marble floor?

Historically, the marble floor has been associated with abundance and wealth. It is a material that has adorned the palaces of kings and queens, and was used in some of the greatest art and architectural works of history. In a kitchen, the marble can create a sense of sophistication.

The marble floor is delicate and every stain is visible

The advantages of marble flooring are manifold – this stone is odorless and hygienic

Color: Whether for the kitchen or for the floors, the marble tiles and panels are available in a variety of colors. There are also multicolored marble materials that are available that have a variety of shades. Because marble is a natural soil material, each piece looks a little different than the others, which means each tile has its own personality. Light: One of the reasons why marble is so often used in large sculpture works is that it has a slightly translucent quality. This allows the lighting in a room to penetrate through the surface of some lighter-colored marble materials. Even with dark marble, the play of light on the surface of the stone can be very beautiful.

Which color is best for painting marble?

When marble is mined, it is extracted in large sheets called plates. These plates contain natural properties that form a symphony of colors on the surface of the piece. When the plate is cut into manageable sizes, each piece is part of the original natural image.
Polishing: Unlike many other stone flooring materials, the marble is able to absorb an extremely high polish. This allows manufacturers to get the surface of the marble extremely smooth and shiny. Polishing also tends to bring out the colors of the stone to make it more distinct and dramatic.

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