Experience and innovation, creativity and design, tradition and culture, a passion for ceramics and environmental awareness are the strengths of Marazzi Tiles, which define living spaces since 1935, creating a combination of aesthetics and quality materials.

Design ideas porcelain stoneware – Burlington collection

With more than 3,500 porcelain stoneware products, crystallized stoneware and stoving tiles, as well as mosaics, marble, granite and natural stone in various sizes, colors, thicknesses and finishes, Marazzi is able to respond quickly to different needs in terms of living space and contemporary architecture ,

Today, Marazzi tiles are not only used for the floors and walls of residential buildings; Thanks to their outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities, they are increasingly being selected for use in public spaces and in major architectural projects.

Floor and wall tiles with a unique design

For decades, Marazzi has been developing new ceramic applications for the market. The Marazzi Tecnica brand provides architects and products with outstanding engineering capabilities, as well as a growing array of architectural solutions from the Marazzi Engineering Division.

Specializing in the manufacture and sale of porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles for vertical and horizontal surfaces with high loads, Marazzi Tecnica has been the preferred choice of architects and designers for over 20 years when it comes to realizing large projects or building buildings, Hardness, abrasion, stain and slip resistance, easy cleaning of large areas and aesthetics are indeed the key features of Marazzi Tecnica products.

The folk collection by Marazzi tiles is inspired by striking colors

The Marazzi Engineering Division supports the planning and construction industry by developing indoor and outdoor floor and wall cladding systems, especially raised floors and ventilated facades, providing industry specialists with turnkey solutions that include installation, customization, research and water treatment. Beam cutting of special materials include.

The XLstone series is a timeless collection of floor tiles

Aesthetic research has always been a strong point in the offer of Marazzi tiles.

In fact, Marazzi was the first company to respond to the need for ceramic tiles to become an architectural feature. Responsibility for product creation has been placed in the hands of leading designers.

From his first partnership with Gio ‘Ponti, who created the “four curve” tile that went down in designer history in 1960 under the name “Triennale”, Marazzi has continued to establish important partnerships. Furthermore, Marazzi has teamed up with top names in fashion, such as Biki, Rabanne e Forquet and the architectural world – Adalberto Dal Lago, to study trends in different countries and develop exclusive products in internal research laboratories.

Product design and design is coordinated and managed by the Marazzi Group Design Center, in collaboration with the Sales and Marketing Management divisions, under the coordination of the respective Group Executive Management.

The research process consists of an analysis of market trends and tastes of consumers. The goal is to bring consumer needs and transform them into stylistic designs and product specifications.

At the same time, laboratory technicians are also using the experiments to transform shapes, surfaces, colors and decorative motifs into a prototype, which will be submitted to a product committee. He assesses the entire project and hands over the “Product Card”, a document indicating the most important qualitative and quantitative features of the new product. Then comes the next stage in project implementation.

Wall tiles in many color variants

The Materika collection is a series of satined concrete-look wall tiles. The new representative size of 40 x 120 ensures greater visual continuity in wall design, while the color palette, inspired by the natural shades of concrete, seeks to fully express the properties of this ceramic material. The three-dimensional structures and decorative tiles complement the collection with stylistic consistency and are equally suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Essenziale is a large, thin and strong ceramic wall cladding, a new series of “white” tiles, in line with the “total white look” in interior design. The Essenzee Collection expresses this concept by expanding the use of Bianco on two different surfaces: glossy and velvety.

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