The men will never grow up. That’s what almost every woman will say, plus that her husband is like a child. That’s why they look forward to the gifts like children. And what a better occasion to surprise your husband than St. Nicholas’s day. Nikolaus knocks on the door and you have no present at hand? No worries! This St. Nicholas Day will be unforgettable with our 23 creative ideas for St. Nicholas gifts for men!

Think of Nicholas gifts for men as these for your children

Santa gifts are very small, so you can put them in boots and in most cases sweet – a chocolate man for example, or homemade gingerbread. The men love chocolate, just like your kids and will be very happy with this gift. Moment of surprise will be missing. And you certainly do not want to be boring women, but think up unique gifts for men. Scroll down to get some inspiration!

Funny sweet Nikoalus gifts for men

The sweets are not always chocolate or cookies. You can also be funny or if you want to bake it yourself, you can make the gingerbread in interesting shapes. Cookies can bake you in all shapes, and when we all say, you really face everyone. 🙂 In this way you stick to tradition and become unique!

The classic – the funny mug

There is room for a cup in a boot. This can be a special gift for your husband if you print the mug with a personal headline or with a funny photo. If your husband likes to drink beer, there are many interesting beer glasses on the market. The personalized gifts have been canceled, but keep in mind that if you do not like them, they will be more difficult to exchange.

Just like children, men love sports gifts

Whether for your brother, friend, husband or father, all men love sports. A ball will be very difficult to put in a boot. A t-shirt or scarf but with the favorite club but will be gift of the year! But our coupons are always our top choice for presents for St. Nicholas – small and valuable! Test drive with your favorite car or an adventure gift will please any man!

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