The living room is the focal point of every home. It is the place where you spend most of your time. Whether with the family in front of the TV or with the guests on the sofa, the living room is the popular choice for amusement. To keep the door of your living room wide open, it is important to rely on the right interior and color scheme. The furniture, decoration and wall design living room should radiate a cozy and pleasant atmosphere and cosiness. In addition, the color concept plays the crucial role in the design of a loving environment. When it comes to the ideal living concept for the living room, may the living room be gray?

Design the living room Gray: Boring or perfect?

Das Wohnzimmer Grau machen: Langweilig oder perfekt?
The shades of gray are the best choice for a discreet living room wall paint, which has a timeless beauty and in combination with contrasting furnishings creates a magical ambience. The unique charm of the gray living room wall design is that gray leaves the other colors in the room in the lead. Usually, the most preferred color choice is the white color – on the one hand gives a lot of brightness in the rooms, on the other hand, it is a popular classic. The soft and rich shades of gray give each room a magically beautiful touch that definitely suits the living room.

The gray wall color living room allows you to put beautiful decorative accents

Die graue Wandfarbe Wohnzimmer lässt Ihnen schöne dekorative Akzente zu setzten
The gray magic works best when everything is gray: walls, sofa, armchair, carpet, pillows and curtains in similar shades of gray are not boring at all. The consistent application of the gray nuances makes the entire living room concept visible. The bright gray wall color living room creates a light-flooded room. If you find it a bit boring, then rely on different patterns and fabrics that bring the living room to life. The natural appeal of the wood, for example, is beautifully staged by the gray walls and the accessories made of copper, brass and porcelain are brought to bear.

Dark gray living room wall color: Choose the effective contrast between dark base color and bright pops of color as decoration

Dunkle graue Wohnzimmer Wandfarbe: Setzen Sie einen wirkungsvollen Kontrast mit dunkler Grundfarbe und knalligen Farbtupfern als Dekoration
You have to have a bit of courage to paint the living room walls in dark gray. But this decision is worthwhile. Do you miss the Which shades of gray match which elements in the living room?
Welche Grautöne zu welchen Elementen im Wohnzimmer passen?
In contrast to the pure white wall color, the gray allows different spatial effects. The subtle shades of gray are perfect for small rooms because the room looks bigger. Put on bright ceiling painting when the living room is lower. Another clever trick is to paint the front wall dark and leave the side walls bright, so your living room seems wider. Add some mouse gray accents that give the living room that certain something. In the photo, neither the mouse-gray sofa nor the carpet is the eye-catcher, but the beautifully patterned pillows on the sofa, which loosen up the overall picture a bit.

Which color suits gray in the living room?

Welche Farbe passt zu Grau im Wohnzimmer?
To gray as a wall color living room are particularly suitable shades of the reddish color gamut, but violet, pink, pink, soft yellow, navy blue come together beautifully with the soft gray tones. A totally beautiful contrast is achieved when gray and sun yellow or soft yellow are combined. Another nice idea, if the living room is gray, is the use of old rose. To enrich the subtle living room wall paint with some beautiful and cozy highlights in pink. Every color and decorative combination that you create in your living room looks different:

  • noble-elegant – pastel shades of gray and pink
  • sweet and very sweet – Bright colors of gray, purple, pink and pink
  • rough and rough – bright shades of gray, navy blue, yellow
  • trendy-modern – Bright colors of gray, red

The living room Gray: Neither the blue armchairs nor the wall design with pictures are the eye-catcher in the living room, but the leather bench in the middle of the room.

Das Wohnzimmer Grau gestalten: Weder die blauen Sessel noch die Wandgestaltung mit Bildern sind der Blickfang im Wohnzimmer, sondern die Lederbank in der Mitte des Raums. 


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