In recent years, it has become a tradition for many Germans to make original decorations for Christmas itself. Doing handicrafts is not only a way to save some money, but it’s also really fun and can really bring the festive mood home quickly – try it out for yourself! In this article, we offer you a creative DIY idea for Christmas decorations – we’ll show you how to make straw stars yourself! The stars of straws look really tender and original, and are just perfect for Making straw stars – a wonderful DIY idea for original Christmas tree decorations
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As already mentioned, the stars of straws look really chic and stylish – you can convince yourself by looking at our photos. Besides really cheap, they are also very diverse – there are both simpler and more complicated patterns that you can do yourself. In the well-assorted craft shops you can find except straws, which are of course the most important material in crafting the straw stars, also special laying shapes that make the correct arrangement and connection of individual straws much easier. In addition, you need a twine in any color and crafts can already begin! The laying forms can help beginners, but they are not a must to make fascinating straw stars. The finished stars can be further decorated as desired and are suitable not only as jewelry for the Christmas tree, but also for original window decoration or great pendant for the Christmas gifts. And with a little more patience you can even make a fascinating wreath of straw stars for the front door itself.

Making straw stars – necessary materials and preparation

Strohsterne basteln einfache Anleitung
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Strohsterne basteln notwendige Materialien
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When working with natural straws, you should first soak them in the water so that they do not break or splinter. Put the stalks in a bowl of cold water, wait about half an hour and dry them with some kitchen paper. The next step is to iron the straws for a while – this is necessary because working with flat straw is much easier. Just set the iron to a low level so that the stalks do not turn brown. And if you want colored stars, the stalks can also be painted (it is also possible to buy already smoothed and dyed straw). First, try making a simple star – it takes four to six equally sized straws.

Making straw stars: How are you?

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Put two straws on the worktable together in a cross. Repeat again and then place both crosses offset one above the other. Fix the center with a rice purpose. Then tie the straws with a thread by placing them over and under the stems and knotting them as close to the middle as possible. Your process can also be slightly different – it is only important that the finished star holds. When you’re done, tie a loop from the thread ends so you can hang the star later. To make the star even more beautiful, you can chamfer the ends of the stalks with the help of a stencil knife. In this way, a simple star with eight peaks is made. This approach can also be used if you want to make something larger straw stars – as eye-catching jewelry for your Christmas tree or as a great decoration for your indoor and outdoor. You can either use longer straws, or tie together several stars of different sizes – the result looks more than beautiful! We hope that you will be inspired by our photos, make yourself more complicated straw stars and decorate your home!

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