A money box encourages saving and can look really stylish as a gift – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! Not only do the children find the homemade money boxes great and funny – for adults, they are also a motivation to save for a trip or another special occasion. In this article, we show you how you can make a money box yourself, with which you can surprise your children, a friend or family member. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas! We hope you enjoy reading!

Making savings boxes as a gift for your favorite people: original DIY ideas

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Everyone knows that saving money is no easy task nowadays. It takes motivation, and a home-made, original-looking money box can serve wonderfully! In addition, the homemade money boxes are also great gifts for favorite people and friends, which you know that they want to realize one of their dreams or have another reason to save. As a gift for children, the money-box promotes the sensible use of money, and while crafting, the little ones can also help you actively or with original ideas. And, as I said earlier, it’s much easier than you can imagine, and you can use different household materials like empty packaging, bottles, cans, disposable jars, etc. Take a look at our suggestions below and try them that you like the most!

Savings can be made from empty packaging or paper mache

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A pretty money box can be made very easily from an empty coffee can with plastic lid. You should simply decorate the box as you like and use a sharp knife to make a slot for the bills and coins in the lid. Savingsbox in the classic piggy-shape can also be made very easy, for example by using an empty detergent bottle, which has been cleaned in advance and the etiquette has been removed. If the bottle is not pink, it can be covered with colored paper or painted with paint. Paint the eyes and nostrils with black and cut the slot for the money with a craft knife. The ears can be made of felt, construction paper or fabric and if you wish you can also make a small ringlet tail out of bent plush. For a good hold of the money box you can glue four screw caps to the bottle, which will fulfill the function of legs. And done! Of course, you can also make other funny animals out of empty PET bottles, such as zebras, cows, dragons, fish, etc. – just let your imagination run wild! Alternatively, you could also work with paper mache and make amazing money boxes with balloons, wallpaper paste and newspaper! Find out more about crafts with papier mache Stylish money box made from screwed glass – instructions
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Original Savingsbox Crafting can be done very easily from a screw or jam jar. First, you should clean the glass, let it dry and make a slot for the money in the lid. A good idea is to fix the lid in such a way that you can not open it any more – this way you can get the money out of it, just by breaking the glass. So you get a good motivation not to grab money in the can from time to time. To decorate the glass, you can use spray paint and self-adhesive stickers and labels, such as letters. First, stick the sticker letters on the glass and make an interesting caption, as shown in the photos above. Then use the spray paint to look at the glass. If the paint is already dry, remove the stickers – so you can see through the crystal clear letters, how many coins you have already collected. To make the money box even more original, you could also fix a little piggy or another decorative figure on the lid. The finished money box looks very stylish, and also acts as a great gift for adults.

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