Maybe every woman once faced the problem of finding her favorite necklace or earrings in the crowded jewelry box. So that does not happen to you, you can make your own jewelry stand yourself. In this article, you’ll find creative craft ideas and inspirations that can help.

Making jewelery stands yourself – easier than it looks

With an original, self-made jewelry stand, your bedroom will regain its order, and you would easily and quickly find the matching jewelry that complements your look. You will also have an overview of your entire collection, and the jewelery and the stand you made would be a beautiful decoration of your bedroom.

Tinker “Schmuckbaum” yourself

A particularly creative way to store jewelery are the so-called jewelery trees, which are very popular in England today. You can easily make such a jewelry stand yourself – you just need a tree branch, a vase or flowerpot as a base, and a bit of paint or wood varnish. All you have to do is paint the branch in one color and you have an interesting alternative to the usual jewelry box.

Original alternative to the usual jewelry box

If you want to make a stylish jewelry stand yourself, be aware that there are often many unnecessary items in your own home that can also be used for this purpose. For example, an old shoebox can be easily turned into a jewelry box. They should only think creatively and let their imagination run wild.

Jewelry stand from old photo frame

Old photo frames, for example, can become heralding jewelery stands. For this it is necessary to hang only the frame on the wall. With a linen base, the photo frame would be an ideal stand for your earrings. And if you stick tips on it, you can also hang your chains, bracelets or rings.

Making jewelery stands yourself – creative ideas

You can also use an old drawer to make jewelry stands yourself. Paint them in a cheerful color, glue the floor to paper and then hang the drawer against the wall. They are already done!

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