Autumn is coming soon, and we suggest you say “welcome” to the new season in an original way – by making hedgehogs with the kids! The cute little animal is just great for a great decoration, with which you can beautify your home and put the whole family in autumn mood. A hedgehog is super easy to do in many different ways and here we give you a few creative ideas and suggestions in this regard, from which you can draw inspiration. The biggest advantage of this is clear – you have the opportunity to spend many happy moments with the children and create memorable memories! If you like our suggestions, we hope you enjoy reading!

Hedgehogs make out of wool yarn with children

Igel basteln aus Garn Ideen
Igel basteln aus Papier und Wollgarn
Igel basteln Pom-Poms Garn
Igel basteln Bommel Wollgarn
Making a hedgehog with the kids is twice as much fun as doing the idea alone. And our first suggestion, which you could try for yourself, is to make a hedgehog from brown wool yarn. You have two options – the first and the easier one is to cut the hedgehog’s body out of construction paper and glue it onto a white piece of paper. Have the child paint the hedgehog’s face while cutting the yarn into short pieces. Then create the “thorns” together by sticking the yarn in rows on the body. And done! The finished picture can also be hung as a decoration on the wall. The other option is to make cute hedgehogs with pompoms. In addition to brown wool yarn, you will also need some gray yarn and some facial felt for this purpose. To make your own pompoms, you will either need a special pom-pom marker or a cardboard ring around which the yarn is wrapped. The lighter color should be about one-quarter of the ring – cut it along the outer edge and shape the wool with your fingers a little until you get the matching face shape for the hedgehog. Finally, glue the nose and eyes of felt to the finished hedgehog.

Hedgehogs make toys with children from natural materials

Igel basteln bunten Blättern
Igel basteln Naturmaterialien
Igel basteln grauer Filz Tannenzapfen
Igel basteln Garten Kresse Blumentopf
Igel basteln Tannenzapfen Filz Wackelaugen
Igel basteln Buchecker Kastani Kartoffel
Igel basteln Naturmaterialien Disteln
Is there anything better than Making hedgehogs with children – more inspiring ideas to follow
Igel basteln Wanddeko Netz originell
Igel basteln Accessoire Schreibtisch
Igel basteln aus Pappe
Igel basteln Garten Spiel Ringe werfen
Igel basteln Papier
Igel basteln Maske Papier
Igel basteln leckere kekse
Igel basteln aus Papier Fransen
Igel basteln Papier originell
Igel basteln inspirierende Ideen
Igel basteln aus Holz Spielzeug
Igel basteln kreative Ideen zum Nachmachen
Igel basteln Handschuhe
Igel basteln Grusskarte
Igel basteln Filz herrlicher Look
Igel basteln aus Bügelperlen einfach
Igel basteln Buch falten kreativ
Igel basteln Haarklammern altes Buch

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