A personal greeting card, especially a homemade Christmas card is more than a gift! It means attention and love – and something better for the feast of love – Christmas! Regardless of whether you design and print online or make your own, the most important thing is the personal touch. Much better than bought Christmas cards and a wonderful time to design! Have we aroused your curiosity? Take a look at our DIY ideas and instructions!

Design Christmas cards online – for 3 minutes with 3 clicks

The easiest way to design your Here , for example, you will find a lot of inspiration and you can make unique Christmas greeting cards very easily. Alternatively, use an online printed motif as a basis and make your own cards! Look how it works!

Tinker Christmas Cards – DIY Ideas

Making Christmas cards can actually be very easy if you print out your creativity and know the basic instructions. You certainly know the Christmas motives – Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas tree – you can do it all! The best you will find made templates on the net, which will help you craft. If you find any template or no good painters, you can here after a motif that you like, find, and make it to print. Only then can you start crafting. The motif can be cut out of fabric or wrapping paper and stuck to the card or simply decorate the printed card with buttons, bows etc. Here, the imagination knows no bounds! But if you need inspiration, follow our DIY guide for beginners!

The lightest DIY manual

Why we call this the easiest DIY guide? Because you can use different materials here and not so many skills! Not many can sew and crochet, but cut and glue several. And here is actually the whole idea – simply stick your desired motifs on your Christmas cards – light and unique! In a few minutes you can make stunning Christmas greeting cards and the instructions are ideal for your children.

The required materials

Perfect for any kind of fabric, the most important thing is that it will be colorful. Cloth remnants are also ideal in this manual. We used felt for the finish because this material is inexpensive and easy to craft. Everything about the felting technique can be found

Everyone has their own materials at home. You also need a pair of scissors, a pencil, a glue stick and the matching templates. For the card, you can use a folded card (you can also design it online) or a box as shown on the picture. Craft paper in the color of your choice is also perfect.

Cut the desired motifs on the back of the felt or fabric

You can use ready-made templates, printed artwork or round objects

Glue the motifs onto the card using the adhesive


Another guide from us:

Make wonderful Christmas motives out of wrapping paper – they look stunning and festive!

Use buttons to make vintage Christmas cards

Our team wishes you a wonderful Christmas and an unforgettable party!

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