Facial masks are an integral part of every children’s birthday or Halloween. The animal masks are especially popular among the little children because they personalize the hero from different stories and films. Making animal masks is actually not a difficult and a very exciting task. In this way, you have the opportunity to spend together with your children beautiful emotions and funny moments. Different species of animals can be represented, so that the children can mask themselves as animals and handle each other in a diversified manner. The choice of which species you want to work with your child is entirely up to you. Below we provide a simple step by step guide on how to make animal masks. Get inspiration!

What materials do you need to make animal masks?

You do not need much to make animal masks. Everything you should have at your disposal is
Board in different colors
-Various bands or strings that should be 45cm long
-Pinker Pritt glue stick
That is how it goes. Get down to business and have fun!

Make Animal Masks – DIY Instructions

Step 1
Before you start tinkering with the animal masks you should have all necessary materials already at your disposal.

step 2
Next, you should be clear, which animal mask you want. If you have decided on an animal mask, you should start with the outlines of the face. A pencil is used for this purpose and so the outlines of the animal you have chosen are drawn. If you are not a good painter, you are welcome to print out a finished template from the Internet and sign off on a piece of construction paper.

step 3
Of course, when you’re done drawing, you’ll need to cut it out with scissors.

Step 4
Thereafter, the various facial features, such as eyes, noses and ears should be drawn with the pencil. For this purpose it is recommended that you take colorful colored paper in different colors.

Step 5
After you cut out the facial features, you can already attach them to the facial contours.
Step 6
Of course you can decorate the mask with various materials such as glitter, beads, stones, etc.
Step 7
Finally, you should attach the string to the mask so that it does not fall off your face. For this purpose you should cut a small hole in each side and attach the string there.

Homemade animal masks are of all types and forms

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