Imagine a luxurious bedroom or living room. Now look at the blankets. What kind of ceiling light do you imagine? Of course, a very beautiful crystal chandelier or a chandelier! The crystal chandeliers or chandeliers give the room a luxurious touch and speak for lifestyle. They fit perfectly with both the rustic decor, as well as the Scandinavian style. These can be found in the market but at a very expensive price. You will definitely prefer to buy a lampshade from Ikea. But do you know that you can easily build a stunning bubble chandelier yourself from this lampshade? We’ll show you how!

What options are there to build a chandelier yourself?

Of course, the chandelier crystal does not fit with any interior, not every style of living. In order to shine your apartment individually, you need a matching chandelier. If you are a fan of upcycling, you can use various items. You can make a lampshade out of fabric as well as out of paper. It looks very beautiful and radiant when you paint the lamp holder in gold or copper tone. We also show this in our guide. Only with the building is the chandelier not finished yet. It lacks the matching decorative items that give the room an individual look. Decorations can be for example glass prisms, old earrings or porcelain flowers. In our case, the decorative items are made of glass and create a sparkling effect. Take a look at the DIY tutorial here!

Build chandelier yourself – DIY instructions

The required materials

  • Ikea lampshade
  • scissors
  • Plexiglas balls
  • rope
  • Gold Foile
  • glue gun
  • White or gray color

DIY instructions

This is the Ikea lampshade

Step 1: Paint the lampshade in white

Step 2: Fix lamps with rope

Glue the lamp holder with golden foil

This is what the finished lampshade looks like!

DIY idea with several hanging glass balls

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