Not everyone lives in the house with their own garden to relax and unwind. We have the ultimate alternative for those who live in smaller apartments without gardens, it is necessary to have only a balcony or a terrace. Our idea is to create a mini garden on the balcony. So you have your own green oasis in pots. The overall picture of the mini-dream garden is as good as complete, it lacks only a pond, which ensures the pleasant atmosphere. You can copy our own balcony ideas, even if the garden is not present, or the conditions for a biotope are missing, you only need an old wooden barrel or a stone plant pot. Just read our DIY instructions for the mini-pond and enjoy every minute in your home-made paradise on the balcony.

Make your own balcony: How do you create a mini pond in the pot on the balcony?

To create a mini-pond in a pot, you need the following materials:

  • Plant pot made of wood or stone (When the balcony is fully open even in winter, make sure you are looking for pots that are winter proof.)
  • pond liner
  • Plant baskets and tubs
  • pond earth

  • First you should ensure the permeability of the future pot, so that the water does not leak out of the pot. For this, dress the inside of the pot with the pond liner. Use a few small gabion stones to hold the foil and staple the foil to the side walls of the jar. Be careful not to tear the film in the process. Now cover the bottom of your future pond with the gravel. Create a plane of different heights. Dress the planters with newspaper and fill them with Teicherde. Plant inside the chosen flowers, then press the earth and cover with the pebbles. Arrange the plant baskets on the levels in the pot. Tip: Put the higher plants backwards and the little ones in the middle. Now comes the last step: Fill the pot with water – a portion of tap water and a portion of rainwater.

    DIY mini fountain in the pot

    Tips for gardening ideas for little money on the balcony

    Mini-pond on balcony build yourself

    1. The position of the pond is very important if you do not want to clean it every 2 days. The best position is in partial shade because the sun promotes algae growth. Make sure that your pond does not turn into a desert during the hot days, add water regularly.
    2. When the balcony is fully open, clear the pond and bring the plants indoors during the cold season .
    3. From the water lily to the reeds – all are recommended when talking about flowers that are suitable for the pond. The best plants are thousand-leaf, water star, hornwort and Wasserpest. Not only do they play an important role in greening, they also give oxygen to the pond. For a mini pond, we recommend you to put on marsh calla lilies or water lilies. The water lilies are an important part of the pond as the couch is an indivisible part of the living room. They give your mini-pond a natural flair.


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  • I am absolutely blown away by your photo that included several low-level water pots with pitcher plants! I need to talk to you about how you created these.

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