Dear future brides, welcome to our wedding cake lab for unique stationery! The wedding is a beautiful event and everyone wants the whole day to be flawless. In addition to the gorgeous clothes of the bridal couple and the timing of the daily routine, the wedding parade ensures that all guests do not misunderstand the date, comply with the dress code, or in short – that you and the guests can celebrate your wedding stress-free. In the course of preparation, you are no less worried about the wedding cards because they play an important organizational role and are also a fantastic looking part of the wedding decoraton. Today we give you a pair of beautiful DIY ideas for wedding card making – from the “save the date” wedding cards to the wedding invitation to the daily routine.

What is the wedding parade and what is it?

Hohczeitspapeterie comprises 5 categories:

  • before the wedding – “save the date” card, wedding invitation and daily routine;
  • on the wedding day – welcome for the guests, signposts, information tables;
  • during the ceremony – chair signs, handkerchiefs for tears, program booklets;
  • in the hall – table plan, table numbers, name cards, menu cards, drinks menus, guest book
  • after the wedding – thanks

The wedding invitations give the first impression of your wedding – style, colors, etc. In addition to all information on who, where, when, approach, daily routine, dress code and gift requests you also contain reply cards in the envelope to answer the important questions with a little effort – with or without children, specific menu benefits. In addition, you give a clear view of the number of participating guests and the design of the table arrangement. By no means forget the “Save the Date” cards, so let yourself have enough time to create fancy wedding invitations. On the other hand, they are very practical and will inform your guests ahead of time when the ball of your love takes place. It also makes it possible for more people to attend on the wedding day. For these reasons, the “Save the Date” cards are not only recommended, but a real must.

Nota bene : Lots of additional information for the wedding trends you can find in the post

Check out our stunning DIY ideas for some fancy wedding invitations and find the perfect design. For all instructions, you can use different colored paper sheets so that the invitation matches the wedding concept.

Instructions №1 for a laser-cut effect: making an envelope and a wedding card

Make necessary wedding card materials yourself:

Envelope (which serves as a holder for the reply card)

cardboard sheet

Wedding card

double-sided tape

Paper cutter with popular pattern

Equipment for folding



Step 1: Use scissors to cut off the rattle on the envelope.

Step 2: Cut the cardboard sheet into the desired shape so that there is enough room for the wedding card and the holder of the reply card. Also leave 3 to 5 inches more to create an overlapping effect.

Step 3: Punch out the holder for the reply card. Glue it to the right side of the sheet.

Step 4: Fold the sheet.

Step 5: Glue wedding card on the cardboard sheet and fold it again.

Step 6: Punch out the overlapping part of the sheet.

Step 7: Arrange the elements of the wedding invitation beautifully and your homemade invitation with unique design is a fact.

Instructions №2: Make a golden touch on your wedding cards yourself

Step 1: Use MS Office to type the text of your invitation. On the Internet, you can find different templates that you use.

Step 2: Express

Step 3: Cutting

Step 4: Apply the adhesive

Step 5: Stick on the golden sequins

Instructions №3: Make a dotted envelope for the wedding card

Step 1: Cut two rectangles from cardboard. The size should be smaller than the size of the envelope with 1 ‘of each side.

Step 2: Glue on it different sizes points. (You can find them on Ebay or Amazon.)

Step 3: To make the carton easier to use later, stick a cork on its back.

Step 4: Using a roller, apply the popular color to the cardboard. Press on the envelope and let it dry for 1/2 minute.

Step 6: Get the fifth step with different color.

With child’s play the envelopes are ready to send.

Note level : Choose different patterns and get different result:

Instructions №4: Make a bow tie for the wedding cards yourself

Make unique wedding invitations

Fancy wedding invitations with a golden touch

Make DIY idea for wedding cards yourself

DIY idea for wedding card: Give the wedding card the finishing touch with a beautiful ribbon

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