Smokey eyes have been an absolute trend for years. This kind of make-up looks particularly elegant, and is suitable for almost all occasions – both for the everyday office look, as well as for an evening in the disco. Maybe you think that this is a complicated make-up technique? In fact, you can only make up Smokey Eyes in a few steps! In this post we give you helpful tips for a professional result. Enjoy reading!

Make-up Smokey Eyes: What do you need?

As mentioned above, it is not at all as difficult as it looks at first sight to make up Smokey Eyes. There are actually two variants – with lighter shades for the day, and darker nuances for the evening look. For this classic make-up, you only need powder eyeshadow, brush or applicator, dark eyelash and eyeliner or kajalstilf. Before you start applying make-up, it is especially important to cleanse the area around the eyes to make the makeup last longer. Read on to find out how to make smokey eyes step by step!

Make-up Smokey Eyes – detailed instructions

For the evening make-up, you could choose darker eye shadows in black and gray, and for the day look – preferably brown and mocha tones or other nuances that match your outfit. Start with the lighter eye shadow and apply it on the eyelid to below the eyebrows. You should not paint outside of the corner of the eye – this can be controlled by applying the brush to the edge of the nose to the end of the corner of the eye. The next step is to apply the darker eyeshadow tone to the eyelid crease. You should shade the darker tone – in front you try to blur it with a brush, and at the corner of your eye – to shade the color outwards, drawing as far as possible to the edge of your eyelashes. For a professional result, it’s important to make sure there are no boundaries between the two colors – use a clean brush or cotton swab to gently blur the nuacres and create a smooth transition. Your upper eyelids are already made up!

Make-up Smokey Eyes – helpful tips

When you make up the lower part of the eyes, it is important that the front and back of the lower eyelid are covered more than the middle. A trick that you can use is to put the brush on your lower eyelid – so you can see clearly where you should emphasize. Apply the darker shade of the eyeshadow to the lower eyelid and gently blur the color to the center with the brush. The next step is to make a fine line on the lower inner lid with a light kohl pencil and pull it slightly outward. In this way the eye opens visually and the make-up looks much more elegant. Finally, you should also lash your eyelashes with mascara and emphasize the eyebrows. And done! Now you already master the perfect make-up technique for Smokey Eyes! Below we provide you with information on which are the latest trends in this kind of make-up for summer 2017.

Smokey Eyes: What are the latest trends for summer 2017?

For this summer Smokey Eyes are really hip, but not in dark shades like gray and black. Trendy are the great color alternatives in dark brown, blue, green or purple. You could also choose the color combination according to your eye color – blue and violet, for example, go very well with blue and brown eyes. The green Smokey Eyes look especially nice if you have green or brown eyes, and brown actually suits all eye colors. If you choose brighter colors for this type of make-up, the kohl pencil should be slightly darker – for example in anthracite. And if you want to turn Smokey Eyes into green, it’s best to use brown mascara.

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