Halloween is coming soon and you have set yourself the goal to look perfect for the festival? Then you should know that finding the right costume is only half the job – the make-up actually takes more time and is much harder to do. In this post, we’ll show you how to put on make-up for Halloween, so that you end up looking creepy and beautiful at the same time. Follow our tips to save a lot of money on professional makeup! We wish you lots of fun and success!

Make-up for Halloween – great ideas for an unforgettable look

Make-up for Halloween is actually not as difficult as it looks at first glance – there are only a few tricks you should know in advance to get the result you are looking for! The most important thing is to use only qualitative, waterproof products – mascara, primer, lipstick, eyeliner, etc., so that the

The witch costume is a Halloween classic, so we give you an idea for quick make-up. First, make up your face with a pale face – use a foundation lighter than your natural skin color or baby powder (in which case you should also wash your face in advance and apply foundation). Strongly emphasize your eyes with dark eyeshadows – in black, dark green, deep blue or purple, and lips – with a dark red lipstick. A great idea are the artificial eyelashes – both for the upper, as well as for the lower eyelid. If you are artistically gifted, you could also try using kohl pencil to paint a spider’s web in the corner of your eye or on the forehead (the photos above would give you a better idea).

Make-up for Halloween: vampire woman

About the same is the make-up, if you want to be a vampire woman for Halloween – pale face and heavily stressed eyes and lips. For a special horror effect use eyeshadows in red and purple and emphasize the lower lip or the corners of the mouth with some fake blood.

Make-up skull – the perfect zombie makeup

The zombie make-up is a bit harder to do, but it’s definitely worth it, because the result is really impressive. Make up your face with baby powder and emphasize the skin around the eyes and under the cheekbones with eyeshadows in red, purple and dark blue. Use yellow and gray nuances to mimic the typical marks of death on the skin. For the horror effect but the deep, bloody wounds are the most important. These can be done very easily with a little translucent latex. Apply it layer by layer on the skin and let it dry completely. Next, you should apply some primer on the latex so that it gets your skin color. After you are done, make it with the scissors like a deep wound (be careful not to hurt yourself) and dye the skin underneath in blood red and brown. This is how you have achieved the desired effect! You get particularly amazing make-up by dividing your face in half by such an artificial wound. One half make you creepy, and the other – as usual.

Face painting templates – mermaid

When it comes to great Halloween costumes, more and more people have been inspired by different mythical and mythical creatures lately. That’s why we give you a simple guide on how to make-up like a mermaid. All you need is a hair net, dark blue kohl pencil, cream eye shadow in silver and turkish blue, and blue mascara. Put the hairnet over your face and use a sponge to apply the blue eyeshadow to your forehead and cheekbones. Then you should also apply the silver eyeshadow to create an Ombre effect. Make up your eyes in blue tones and emphasize the lips with the dark blue kohl pencil. Finished! This make-up is very well suited for children.

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