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Lampshades are not only an eye-catcher, but also have practical advantages – they reduce the light intensity and create a sociable and romantic ambience in the room. For this reason, the lampshades are a great idea for the bedroom, dining or living room. If you make a lampshade yourself, it should of course be tuned with the decor, so in this post we offer you various ideas to choose from. Let’s start with our first proposal for super attractive wooden veneer lampshade. For this you need:

  • a piece of high quality wood veneer – at least 1 meter long
  • lamp cable
  • light bulb
  • Lampshade holders
  • lamp rosette
  • wood glue
  • clothes peg

Cut the piece of wood veneer into several equal strips. If the veneer does not have the same appearance on both sides, use the wood glue to glue each two strips to each other, leaving them to dry well for 12 or 24 hours (if additional support is required, fix the strips with clothespins). Then wrap the veneer strips so that you get a chaotic ball. Use wood glue to fix all areas where the strips are overloaded and allow the ball to dry well before fitting the lampshade holder on one side. And done! The lampshade holder can also be super easy to make yourself by drilling a hole in the middle of a piece of plywood and lead the lamp cable thereby.

Make and decorate the lampshade yourself – great idea with silhouettes

Our next idea is especially good for the floor lamp on your bedside table. The lampshade will look very simple during the day, but if you turn on the lamp, you would enjoy a very interesting effect. It’s about mysterious silhouettes that you should stick on the inside of the lampshade. For example, you can cut out a city silhouette made of black paper and glue it so that the individual sections overlap slightly. It is recommended to use a spray adhesive to make the effect cleaner in the end. And if you turn on the lamp, the silhouettes would pop up and create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. For several great ideas, look at the photos above!

Make the lampshade yourself and spice it up – further creative suggestions

The boring white shade of every floor lamp in your home can be creatively spiced up in other ways as well. You can also try the following suggestion: remove the lampshade cover leaving only the metal rings and bulb holder. In each hobby shop you will find decorative chains and cords that you can wrap around the lampshade. And done! The result looks especially great and playful – see the photos above to see for yourself! And you can only get a splendid vintage-style floor lamp using simple muffin cases. In doing so, you should make ruffles out of the molds (preferably using large, white muffin molds) with your hands and fix them with some glue on the lampshade. To make it look as grand as possible, use as many molds as possible. Finally, you could also paint the lamp base in cream color. A very beautiful lampshade can be made, even by covering a piece of cloth between the two metal rings. We hope that you have already liked our suggestions. Have fun while copying!

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