Working together is a wonderful way to spend more time with your child and also develops the childish imagination and creativity. If you like to realize great DIY projects with your little sweetheart, you are in the right place! In this post we show you how to make stars together – for Christmas, other festive occasions or simply to beautify the apartment. Be inspired by our ideas and instructions! We wish you a lot of fun while crafting!

Tinker stars with children from craft clay

Sterne basteln aus Bastelton mit Blattgold verzieren
Sterne basteln mit Kindern Teig ausrollen
Sterne basteln aus Salzteig originelle Ideen
Sterne basteln mit Kindern aus Salzteig
Star crafting is actually super easy, so the idea is well suited for smaller Stars make paper – as decoration for Christmas or other festive occasions
Sterne basteln aus Brotpapier Geschenkverpackung originell
Sterne basteln Zeitungspapier Fensterdeko herrlicher Look
Sterne basteln aus Verpackungspapier originelle Idee
It’s even easier if you make stars out of paper! The possibilities are almost limitless – you can, for example, cut out big stars from sandwich paper (or other paper), and use them as decoration or creative gift wrapping. It is important that the stars are not the same size – one should be slightly smaller than the other, so that a small cavity in the middle for the gift is created. Glue the stars together (you can sew them together if you are using paper instead of paper), and make sure that the edges are exactly the same all the time – for this purpose, lift the larger star a little bit. Do not forget to leave a large open area for the gift.

Cut out and fold impressive 3D stars out of paper

originelle 3D Sterne basteln mit Kindern
Sterne basteln aus Papier kostenlose Vorlage
Sterne basteln aus Papier inspirierende Ideen
Sterne basteln Faltanleitung Papier
Sterne basteln 3D Faltanleitung
Sterne basteln aus Papier Anleitung
Sterne basteln 3D Optik Papier
Sterne basteln Türdeko kreativ
Sterne basteln bunt Regenbogenfarben 3D
Sterne basteln Origami herrlicher Look
Impressive 3D stars can also be cut out of paper. Although the stars seem complicated at first glance, they are easy to make yourself, and above you will find a free template that you can use for the purpose. For a star you will need six such squares, so you should print the template at least six times. To make the stars even more original, use wrapping paper or newspaper. First, you should cut the inner lines in the six equal squares – but not to the end! Then fold each square in the diagonal – now you can cut to the end. Then roll in the innermost ends, as shown in the photos above, and secure with a tape. Repeat three more times. When you’re done with all six squares, tape each piece together. Already finished! From paper you can also fold fascinating origami stars, and here you will find a video tutorial.

Stars based on toothpicks or ice stalks

Sterne basteln Zahnstocher Weihnachtsbaumschmuck
Sterne basteln aus Zahnstochern kreative Ideen
Sterne basteln aus Zahnstochern und Garn kreativ
Sterne basteln mit Kindern aus Wollgarn
Sterne basteln Eisstiele Pom Poms
Beautiful deco stars, which are simply perfect for Christmas tree decorations, can be made from toothpicks or Holzspieβe. For each star you need five toothpicks, which you have to attach with thread or tape as close together as shown in the pictures above. Another variant is to use ice stalks. These can be dyed as desired and finished stars can be decorated in a particularly original way – eg with colorful pom-poms. More creative ideas that you can realize with children can be found below!

Making stars with children – more creative DIY ideas

Sterne basteln mit Kindern inspirierende Ideen
Sterne basteln mit Kindern Seidenpapier
Sterne basteln Seidenpapier Faltanleitung
Sterne basteln Seidenpapier falten Anleitung in Bildern
Sterne basteln originelle Ideen Seidenpapier
Sterne basteln mit Kindern DIY
Sterne basteln aus Stoff und Watte
Sterne basteln Origami falten Anhänger
Sterne basteln aus schwarzen Papierstreifen
Sterne basteln Knopf Weihnachtsbaumschmuck
Sterne basteln aus Papier tolle Windlichter
Sterne basteln originelle Idee Pappe Faden
Sterne basteln Pappe Garn origineller Look
Sterne basteln 3D Papier falten herrlicher Look

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