You can make snowglobe yourself for many occasions. As a decoration or gift they are very popular. With a heart in the middle and down falling heart glitter, you can give someone whom you love a great pleasure. Covered landscapes with miniature houses and trees are common for the winter time.

Making snowballs themselves – preparation and reflection

The most important thing you need is a matching glass with a well closable lid for the snow globe. For this purpose, small puddles are well suited. Make sure the lid is closed properly. You can also buy empty snowdome houses from the craft shop.
You can knead the snowmen, the snowglobe, the house, the angels or the flowers yourself. For each occasion you model the corresponding scene. Very nice looking also bought small plastic figures or Christmas decorations. For the figures, it is important that the dye does not dissolve in the water.

Make snow globe yourself – preparation and analysis

Make sure the figure fits in the glass. You should therefore carefully advance into the glass before you fill it with water. For smaller figures you should plan a pedestal. Well suited are PET bottles lid. The platform is attached to the lid with hot glue. From Styrofoam you can also trim a suitable socket yourself. It is then glued to the lid. It is important that the base is as high as the lid, so that the shape or landscape is clearly visible.

Making snowballs yourself – Fill the glass with enough water to make small bubbles at the end

The most important thing about a snow globe is the snow. Artificial snow from the craft shop is particularly beautiful. Sequins, glitter stars and hearts, fit well into the Christmas season decorated with snow globes. Make sure the items are not too light and loose. Otherwise, they float in the glass and do not trickle down.
It will look beautiful when you do all winter landscapes.

Making a snow globe yourself – You can knead a base plate yourself and transform it into a landscape in which you place the individual figures

No matter what occasion you give a self-designed heart snow globe, you will certainly give the others a great pleasure.
Children love snow globes. For them, you can use Playmobil figures as a motif. It may be good to stick the ones with hot wax on the base.

Make a snow globe yourself – A heart as motive says more than 1000 words

Additional information for those who want to make snow globes themselves

Clean the glass and the figures for the snow globe well with detergent. The detergent has an antibacterial effect.
First attach the base to the inside of the lid with a hot glue gun. To do this, do not put the glue on the lid, but on the figure. Then the figure is mounted on the base with the hot glue gun. Press firmly and let everything dry.
Fill distilled water into the glass so that it does not overflow. Then the snow comes in. To avoid snow falling too fast, inject some baby oil or detergent into the water.

Carefully turn the lid with the figure on the glass. By shaking it gently, you can test whether the snow / glitter falls properly and whether the amount is sufficient. Also, if there is enough water in the glass. If not, carefully add water or snow.
If the ball is OK, you can seal the lid with hot glue.
Finally, wrap the lid with raffia or ribbon.

Finished building blocks can also be used to create beautiful snow globes. In that case, you just have to remove the ball. Then place the desired figures on the porcelain pedestal. That is, as a rule, already in the ball. To fill the snow globe, remove the rubber stopper on the bottom of the base. Using a fine funnel, pour distilled water into the ball. Finally, pour in the glitter or snow and a dash of dish soap. Plug the ball and your DIY artwork is done!

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