Reindeer tinker with children – funny ideas and suggestions

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Reindeer are a traditional part of Christmas tree decorations and the remaining decorations for the festival. They can look very original and funny – just look at our photos to see for yourself! As I said before, we offer you some great DIY ideas for funny-looking reindeer – choose the ones you like the most with the kids, and the crafting can start! You can use a wide variety of materials – the easiest way is actually to cut out the sympathetic animals from paper or cardboard and color them and decorate as desired. You could use a template that you drew yourself or downloaded from the net to make the reindeer the same. And after the little ones are done with the painting and decorating, you can make a great garland. And the reindeers made of cardboard or felt are also good as a pendant for the Christmas tree.

Tinker reindeer – original deco ideas for Christmas

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The reindeer motif is just perfect for Make funny reindeer yourself – instructions
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The reindeer motif is just perfect if you want to make an advent calendar. You could, for example, dye empty yoghurt cups brown and shape the reindeer’s face with wobbly eyes and a red pompom. The antlers can be made of craft wire or cut out of paper. In the same way, you can decorate canning jars and fill them with candy canes, candies, cookies and other sweets to get fascinating edible gifts for your favorite people! Furthermore, you can also make reindeer from wine corks, and below you will find detailed instructions.

Reindeer make from wine corks

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Necessary materials:
– 2 champagne corks (per reindeer)
– 4 thin twigs, not very long (for the legs)
– 2 branched twigs (for the antlers)
– 1 short twine (for the neck)
– 1 small red pompom
– brown glitter
– glitter glue
Apply glitter glue to the corks and sprinkle with the brown glitter. Let it dry well and if you want to wear a coat of clear coat on it – so the result will look even more glamorous. You should also allow the paint to dry completely before continuing with the crafting. Then take one cork and drill two small holes on one side with sharp scissors. Insert the two branched branches into the holes and, if necessary, fix with a little bit of glue – that’s how Gweih is done! Now connect the two corks with the short twine – proceed in the same way. Next, you should also fix the legs, so that the reindeer can stand straight. Finally, stick the red pompom nose and you’re done!

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