The well-groomed appearance is undoubtedly of great importance to every woman. An important part of this is of course the nail design. Today, more and more ladies prefer the gel nails because they always look spectacular and are a permanent decision for the manicure. And in this regard, there may not be a more attractive twist than red gel nails – they emphasize your beauty and femininity while radiating timeless elegance. For beautiful gel nails in red, the walk to the nail salon but not mandatory – these can be made easily at home. In this article, we provide you with detailed instructions on how to make gel nails yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

Red gel nails radiate timeless elegance

Red gel nails are super light, always elegant and suitable for any season. And making gel nails yourself is not only interesting – it’s also a low-priced alternative to going to the nail salon. The gel nails are actually beautified and reinforced fingernails whose surface looks shiny. For this purpose, a special UV gel is applied to the nails, which is then cured under UV light. After two or three repetitions, the fingernails are significantly strengthened – this is why this type of manicure is so durable. If you have the desire to make gel nails in red yourself, you should definitely follow some important rules, so as not to damage your fingernails. Read on to find out more!

Making gel nails yourself – inexpensive alternative to going to the nail salon

If you naturally have brittle or discolored fingernails, gel nails are certainly the ideal solution for you! With such elegant manicures in red you will not only forget your problem, but also this spectacular nail design can complement your outfit in a wonderful way. Red gel nails, made in a nail salon, will of course look prettier and you can also save time in this variant. But if you decide to do it yourself, you have the opportunity to put your ideas into practice and give your fancy a free rein – the result will certainly be unique!

The preparation is important

If you want to make red gel nails yourself, it is particularly important that your natural nails are carefully shaped in advance and filed with a suitable file to the appropriate length – in this way, the nails will not be fragile in the end. Then you should also pay attention to hygiene and disinfect your hands. Do not forget to remove the cuticle and treat the nails with a suitable nail care! The careful preparation guarantees that you will get the desired result in the end and that the gel will not come off the nails later.

Necessary materials

To make durable gel nails, you need a suitable equipment. In the trade there are different sets for this purpose – either for beginners or for professionals. If you are new to the gel nails, you need a starter kit that includes only the essentials: UV gel (base coat), special UV lamp, primer, cleaner, color coat and top coat. What you still need to make spectacular red manicures are the usual tools such as cuticle cutters, files, buffers, etc.

Making red gel nails yourself – instructions

If you have already done everything necessary and prepared your fingernails carefully, we start by applying the base coat, also called base coat. He reinforces the nails and protects their surface. After that the red varnish is applied and finally – the varnish, which seals the paint underneath. The UV lamp should be used after application of any paint layer. Depending on the power and model of the lamp, the nails are cured between 60 and 120 seconds. The role of UV light is that it seals the special UV gel – thus, it ensures beautiful manicure up to two weeks. To give the final touch to your red gel nails, you should treat the cuticles with oil. Finished!

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