For those who like to spend their free time creatively and like crafting, we have a new proposal – make papier mache yourself! The remnants of paper remnants are super easy to make themselves, and from them you can conjure up fascinating decorations, figures and even small sculptures. The crafting with papier-mache also makes both kids and adults really fun – try our ideas to convince yourself! We wish you much success and inspiration.

Making paper mache is easy, environmentally friendly and fun

Doing papier mache yourself is really child’s play and you can make all sorts of nice things for your home – the photos in this post could give you some interesting ideas in this regard. The eco-friendly crafting material has been known in Europe since the 15th century and can be brought to almost any shape. In addition, the production of papier-mâché is particularly cheap – all you need is old paper or papper, glue and some water. Everything is made into a mush, then shaped and left in a sunny place to dry well. Then the finished figures made of papier mache can be dyed and decorated as desired. The decorative objects, made of papier-mache, are very light, but are particularly stable and hard – almost like wood or plaster! And crafting will certainly be twice as fun if your kids are involved. In any case, you have useless paper leftovers at home – so what are you waiting for? Read our manual for making paper mache and start to realize your ideas!

Make papier mache yourself – necessary materials

You should not confuse crafting with paper mache with the technique of kashaking – in the first case, a pulp is made from the remnants of paper and worked in thick layers; when laminating, however, the paper pieces and strips are glued and glued to each other. If you make paper mache yourself, of course, you should first get the materials. For our recipe you need about 125g of normal

Next, you should tidy up all the old paper scraps you’ve found, such as newspapers, notebooks, napkins, egg cartons, and various packages – the kids can help with this task too. If you want a great result, use only white paper if possible, which can then be painted in any color.

Make papier mache yourself: mix the ingredients and start crafting

Place the pieces of paper in a sufficiently large container – for example, a bucket or a plastic rinse pan, and pour it over with hot water. Let the paper soak overnight. The next day you should mix the pulp with the paste, and stir everything very well until a relatively smooth, viscous mass arises. If necessary, you can add some flour – the resulting mass should neither crumble apart nor dissolve. When you’re done, you can put the papier-mache in baking cups to make interesting decorations. Allow the mass to dry completely at room temperature: if you notice that the surface is dry on all sides, you can remove the baking tin and color the figure as desired.

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