Nail design brings the certain something to the lady’s hand. There are countless ideas and variants of nail design. This is an infinite play with colors and shapes, which look beautiful on the one hand, on the other hand have an influence on the mood. They can be chic or funny, subtle or glaring, depending on your mood and style of clothing.

Butterflies in a few simple steps

For the great butterflies you only need a brush and a dotting tool. First, paint the fingernails with the green paint. Of course, the color choice is up to you, it should only be contrasting colors that fit together naturally. Then simply grind a thick L, turned to 45 ° with orange color. Then the time for the fine work. Now they were to make the outlines with a thin brush and black, and then paint them with fine strokes as they wished. Finally, with the Dotting Tool or simply with a toothpick, fine dots could be placed on the outline and you have beautiful nails with butterflies.

Minnie Mouse fingernails, made chic and fast

You can reach the Minnie Mouse nail design with the dotting tool and only the outline of the butterfly is needed here.

The decorations can be made both in nail design with normal nail polish, as well as

This Marmot effect is achieved with a glass of water. Alternately drop different colors into the water and you will see narrowing circles that you can tap into with a toothpick. The center can also be swirled, resulting in various interesting shapes. Now you can dip your nail into the pattern. The excess nail polish on the skin remove with nail polish remover. Repeat this for each finger to achieve an effective nail design. Finally, you could put a few dots in different places or pebbles and other decorative elements, all to your own taste.

Always invent new patterns and shapes for your nail design

With shapes and patterns you can experiment endlessly. For help, there are the fingernail stamp or the fingernail printer. So today the woman can do herself with a few points and strokes fabulous nail design.

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