Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter are gone, but there are always other different occasions. A small but sincere gesture of attention makes everyone happy, especially if it’s homemade. We suggest you some ideas how to make a leporello yourself.

Make Leporello – make a great gift yourself

The Leporellos are a good and always personal idea. These can be crafted and equipped with a variety of interesting pictures. Make some copies with universal themes on the right. So you are ready for spontaneous events.

Make Leporello – this is just the beginning of a beautiful DIY series

Practice the technology first, then just create something new.

Would you like to get some simple instructions on how to craft Leporello? Just read on!

A matching box for the homemade Leporello completes the gift

-What we need:

You need photo paper in dark colors. Attention! Black is too dark and can be unfriendly.

The materials you need for a Leporello tinker are only a few and all easy to get

You need some cotton fabric or other natural textile.

You should also have a ruler handy.

Mixing and folding techniques and individual touch are desirable

Leporello are preferred by young mothers

Scissors, photo paper, ruler and a great idea are enough to start the project

-For your ease and better thought to a sample template

-You need a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to handle the above materials.

Choose the format!

Hobbyists in Don Giovanni have plenty of room for the length and breadth of the book.

The Leporello has an inner part and a Leporello lid. The outer parts of the project have to be wider and longer. You can more or less decide for yourself how much that should be. As a rule of thumb, there can be a difference over 10%.

The color scheme should be appropriate to the content

For the lid you have to cut out the first and the last page of the Leporello carton to the desired shape and size. With the fabric you dress the outsides of the individual lids upwards. Leave some fabric around the edges so you can wrap it later in the fabric.

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