When the sun is shining and everything turns green, the desire for a refreshing drink comes! What do you think of it? Of course lemonade! This is the drink that always tastes different and always very delicious! In the supermarket you will certainly find many brands and types that contain no natural ingredients. To really make a refreshment, we recommend you to make a real lemonade yourself! Home-made fruity and incredibly delicious – what else can you want? With strawberries, mint, lavender or ginger, the handmade lemonade always tastes different. You will only find the best recipes in different variants here! Let it taste you!

Make lemonade yourself – the original recipe

Making lemonade yourself is child’s play and you do not need expensive ingredients. It is perfect for a barbecue, for summer parties or nicely packaged and made for a gift in the glass.   In a large glass container in the garden everyone can use as they please. Basically, there are two variants, so you make the classic lemonade yourself. One option is to make ready-made lemon juice from the supermarket, but the classic recipe is made with fresh lemons. All you need for the original recipe is mineral water, lemons and sugar. If you prefer a sweet drink, you can add more sugar or mix lemons with oranges. If you want a low-calorie lemonade, take only a little lemon and do not add sugar. It tastes totally refreshing! How many ingredients you need for 1 liter of lemonade, look into the recipe!

A detailed recipe can be found in the following video!

You need these ingredients:


  • 2-3 lemons
  • Mineral water
  • 50 g of sugar
  • Ice cubes and lemon slices to serve


Boil 100 milliliters of water and then add the sugar. Wait for the sugar to dissolve. Pour the mixture into a large glass jug or bottle. Now squeeze the lemons, add the juice also in the glass jug and stir everything. Then fill the jug with cold water (about 750 milliliters). If you like the bubbly water better, you can also use carbonated mineral water. Serve the lemonade cooled or with ice cubes! Good appetite!

Healthy and tasty: lemonade with honey

Strawberry lemonade recipe

The kids love this recipe and not just them! This is the perfect non-alcoholic drink for a party. It can also be cooked with all seasonal berries. The combination of raspberries and lemons tastes incredibly good. Add lime and mint to strawberry lemonade and you will recognize the taste of mojito!

The required ingredients:


Prepare frozen lemonade in summer? The same recipe but with frozen strawberries!

Kids love lemonade! Scroll down to see the recipe for lemonade without cooking!

Make pink lemonade with carbon dioxide yourself

So simple is the recipe that children can make themselves

Press the strawberries and lemons fresh!


Make ginger lemonade yourself – recipe

Ingredients for 1 liter of lemonade:

  • 150 g of ginger
  • 2 lemons
  • Mineral water
  • Mint to taste
  • 80 g of sugar


Boil 1 liter of water with 300 g of sugar in a large saucepan while stirring. Peel the ginger, cut into slices and add to the sugar water with lemons and simmer for 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool down!

Serve the lemonade with ice cubes!

Lavender lemonade recipe


The same order and preparation also apply to the lavender lemonade recipe. Put the squeezed lemons, sugar and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add 3 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers and allow to cool. Pour the lavender syrup through a strainer and fill into bottles.

Lavender lemonade tastes especially good with sparkling wine!

Prepare coffee lemonade in 5 steps! That’s how it works!

Step 1:

Step 2:

step 3

Step 4:

Step 5

Step 6 – Add mineral water

Turmeric lemonade

Hot lemonade with ginger and honey

An idea for serving:

Make Jelly fruits yourself

Our team wishes you pleasant summer days with delicious refreshment!

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