In winter, the skin dries very quickly, so your hands need special care in the cold months. In this article, we propose 3 great recipes on how to make hand cream quickly and easily yourself. Let yourself be inspired and try out the variant that suits you best!

Make hand cream yourself – original recipe with cocoa and shea butter

The ideal hand cream for the winter time should delicately care for the hands, protect them from the cold, soften all knobbly areas and at the same time be rich enough to provide the skin with optimal nutrients. A difficult task! Here we offer you a recipe for homemade hand cream that can fulfill all these functions. By making hand cream yourself, you will not only save money, but you will also have fun and the result will be of benefit to you! For our first prescription you need the following products: 20g cocoa butter (softens and soothes stressed skin), 10g shea butter (regulates moisture content), 12ml jojoba oil (rich in vitamins A and E – revitalizes the skin) and 12ml almond oil (helps against wrinkles). The ingredients can be purchased in almost every drugstore and the quantity is enough for about 50ml homemade hand cream – if the amount is insufficient for you, you can of course increase it. Your hand cream will not contain any preservatives or additives, so you should pay particular attention to hygiene to extend its shelf life. It is recommended that you disinfect your hands, tools and storage containers with alcohol in advance. First, mix the ingredients in a jar (for example, large jam jar) and warm in a water bath until they melt. It is important that you do not over-heat the mixture – otherwise the cocoa butter will not solidify afterwards. If the ingredients are already liquid, mix the mixture well and then remove the container from the water bath. Allow the cream to cool slightly and stir again very well. If your home-made cream has already reached room temperature, fill it into a suitable screw-cap jar. Finished!

Make hand cream yourself – another interesting recipe for the cold winter days

Maybe you have already convinced yourself that it is very easy to make hand cream yourself. That’s why we offer you a second recipe that you can try. You will need the following ingredients: 30g shea butter, 6ml almond oil, 6ml jojoba oil and 18ml distilled water. The almond and jojoba oils can also be replaced by olive or coconut oil – depending on your personal preferences. If you like fragrant hand cream, you can add an essential oil of your choice. The first step is again to heat the ingredients together in the water bath (again, do not over-heat the mixture). The distilled water is heated in a separate container, and when the shea butter is already melted, it is added to the other ingredients. You should pour slowly and stir thoroughly, so that all products can mix well with each other. Finally you should let the cream cool down again – the fastest way would be to put it in cold water. And after you have put the hand cream in a suitable container, you are already done! The most interesting thing about this recipe is that you do not need any additional emulsifiers – it helps to add water. The reason is that the shea butter itself has a slightly emulsifying effect, which is also particularly useful for hands in winter. The fact that water is added makes the shelf life of this cream much shorter compared to the first recipe. That’s why you should either use your homemade hand cream within 7-8 days, or put it in the fridge – that can double its shelf life. How long the cream lasts depends on the hygiene during the work process, so it is important to pay attention to it. We hope you enjoy the recipes!

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