Beautiful and well-kept nails are a figurehead for every woman. The long nails stand for femininity and the ladies are looking for more and more methods to extend their fingernails. Many are reaching for the gel nails” or nails> , which can be found in different shapes, stay beautiful longer and allow a glamorous nail design. Letting go of gel nails with a caretaker means you have a lot of money going – and that, on a regular basis. If you want to make your own nail modeling at home, there are two variants – with acrylic or with the cheaper solution: gel nail sets. What are the results of the two projects and how do you create a nail modeling at home yourself, we will explain with 2 instructions. I wish you success!

# 1 Instructions for making gel nails yourself – Nail modeling with templates

Phase # 1 – Preparation

The most important phase is the preparation of your own nails, so that the gel can be easily detached from the nails later. In the first step, we begin with the careful disinfection and cleaning of our own nails to prevent infections and fungus formation.

Step 1: Cut and file your own nails in the shape and length you want

Step 2: Scrape the cuticle with a pusher and remove the pterygium from the nail plate

Let’s start with nail modeling!

Step 4: Apply a few drops on the artificial nails

Step 5: Now apply precisely to your own nails

Step 6: Paint in the desired nail polish or make your own nail design

Finished! Now you can do magic with the stunning nails!

# 2 Instructions: Make acrylic nails yourself

The preparation plays a big role again

Apply the adhesive gel thinly to the nails to make it easier to cure with the UV lamp.

When the acrylic nails are ready, nail modeling can start!

File the nails in the shape you want

Create a beautiful nail design!

We wish you every success in nail modeling! Be inspired by our examples!

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