Black and gold nails are super modern and sophisticated. They are popular for special occasions or just for a party night. We are sure that everyone would agree with this statement. There is so much power with the color combination that will put all eyes on your nails. Yes, you’ve probably seen a lot of this color palette, but there is so much more to discover. We show you a DIY tutorial on how to make gel nails Black Gold Matt yourself and lots of ideas for copying. Let yourself be inspired!

To make gel nails Black Gold Matt yourself: DIY instructions

Step 1: Apply base

If you want to make gel nails yourself, you should first apply the base. That belongs to the nail design. Before you start, you should prepare and clean your nails. The primer protects the nails from stains and chips. Remember, healthy nails are the most important thing!

Step 2: Paint nails in black

Nowadays mat is very popular and popular and the dull lipsticks and the nail art flooding the market. You just need a matte topcoat that you apply to the base paint. To maximize the effect of your nail art design, Nail Gel Black Gold Matt.

Step 3: Make your nails shine!

Take the gold color and make a triangular design. The base of the shape should be painted near the cuticle and then pulled all the way up. To make sure your black and gold nails stay nice and clean, use a thin brush when painting the golden gel paint.

Finished! Now your nails can be fun!

Stunning Gel Nails Black Gold Matt with Stripes

Striped black and gold nails have been fashionable for many years, and once again this year they are stylishly displayed by women at parties and other occasions. Stripes give the nails a certain uniqueness, and when combined with exotic blacks and golds, stripes can make the wearer look exemplary. Choose either vertical stripes or choose horizontal. If you like experimenting more with funky styles, combine these two patterns to create a unique nail art.

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