Make your own games for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party

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Make your own games for the New Year’s Eve party is a wonderful idea that can be easily realized and will make for a successful party – try out some of our suggestions to convince yourself! Dancing and talking are entertaining, but if you are also preparing fun games, the fun would be twice as big – for both children and adults. The preparation of the games requires neither much time nor much money – just let your imagination run wild! Our first suggestion are classic table games, such as “Do not fret,” “Monopoly,” “Taboo,” “Three wins,” Domino, and all sorts of different card games. These are common, but they have a big advantage – everyone knows them, and when several people gather around the table, playing is much more fun.

Make games for adults – “truth, action or risk”

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A popular party game that you may know is “truth, action or risk”. All participants sit in a circle and one of them turns an empty bottle in the middle. When the bottle shows a player, he should choose between truth, action or risk. In truth, an embarrassing question is honestly answered, in fact, a task is performed and at risk you have another task, but should choose between three options.

Do New Year’s Eve games yourself – lead casting

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A traditional Make funny games yourself for the New Year’s Eve party – charade
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Another game typical of New Year’s Eve, which is actually really funny, is charade. Charade games may be different, but we suggest that you divide into two groups of one leader each. The groups play against each other, firstly by all participants writing on small pieces of paper the names of various objects or film titles. Then fold the notes and mix them into a bowl. Each player should draw one and try to pantomime the title or the word. The group that has more correct answers wins the game.

Funny New Year’s games for kids

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Of course, the little ones should not be bored until midnight, so it’s a good idea to prepare special games for you as well. For example, most children like the pulling of crackers very well. You can buy them or make them yourself – for this purpose, you only need sweets and small toys for the filling, as well as empty toilet paper rolls and crepe paper. Another very funny game is the wrapping of a mummy. Divide the children into two groups, with two of them playing the mummies. Each group should wrap their “mummy” completely in toilet paper, and the one who first unwrapped the roll and made a better mummy wins the game.

Entertaining New Year’s Eve games for food and drink

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Another great idea for children and adults is the food and drink games. The players should guess with closed (or clothed) eyes what food and drinks they cost. It would be particularly funny if you add unpleasant foods or combinations – eg mustard with sugar, coffee with salt, etc.

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