One of your favorite people is having a birthday soon, and you want to surprise him or her? Here’s a suggestion for you that you would certainly like – how to show you how to make funny birthday cards! The homemade birthday greetings cards are much more personal than the ready-made ones, and if they are flavored with a jar of humor, you would definitely conjure up a big smile on the face of the person who will get the card. In this article, we present you some great crafting ideas and instructions for pop up cards, because they look particularly impressive, and can not be difficult. Enjoy reading! We hope that you will be inspired by our suggestions!

Make fun birthday catkins: necessary materials for a great pop up card

If you want to make funny birthday cards, there are actually many variants that you could choose. Here, however, we offer you exactly one” pop-up card to make yourself> , because this is characterized by a very original look – when you open the card rises a three-dimensional structure that will bring the eyes of the recipient undoubtedly shine. And as I said before, making such a greeting card is not difficult at all – even for novice craftsmen. There are also different pop up cards to choose from – those with three-dimensional objects, figures, or even with a three-dimensional greeting. If you want to make a funny card, of course, the greeting should be humorous. Depending on the number and type of objects, crafting can take more or less time. For this you need the following materials: some craft cardboard in any motives and colors, a pencil, scissors, a ruler, craft glue or double-sided tape, colorful craft paper, a Schneidematte, and a craft knife.

Make funny birthday cards: pick a humorous motif for the pop up card

First, you should choose the humorous motif – the easier it is, the better (you can draw inspiration from our photos). You can either hand-draw the design onto the colorful craft paper or use your PC to shape it. There are also many great pictures that you can download as templates from the net. Common photos or characters from magazines can also be used – depending on your ideas. It is important that the motives are not too big, so that you do not go beyond the edge of the greeting card. Cut them out and set them aside.

Create the frame of the greeting card

For the frame of the greeting card you need two pieces of cardboard (eg DIN A4): one would be for the outer frame of the card; the other you should cut out a few inches smaller around. The size of the frame is not important – just take into account the size of the selected motifs. Now fold the two pieces of cardboard together once in the middle so that the card can be unfolded. To make your funny pop up card, you actually need the smaller piece.

Find the right spot of each motif on the map

Pick up the cut-out motifs and decide where they should be on the map and what you want them in the foreground or in the background. The individual images should not get in the way or overlap. Then you should for each motif a 3 to 5 cm long and 1 to 2 cm wide strip on the inside of the map sign – as shown in the photo above. Then use a craft knife or scissors to cut the marked lines (the long lines, not the cross lines!). So you would design a special place for each motif.

Stick the cut motifs out of the card

And the last step is, of course, to stick the cut out motifs on the card. Allow the glue to dry completely before folding the card, taking care not to leave any unsightly glue residue. And done! For those who find the making of a funny pop up card too difficult, we also have a template printable below.

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