French nails look delicate, feminine and elegant, and are undoubtedly among the most popular nail designs today. Characteristic of the classic French manicure are the transparent lacquer and the white nail tips, but there are other variants that you should definitely try – with gel lacquer, colored nail tips, different patterns that impress with their chic and stylish look. In this article you will find some professional tips on how to make French Nails yourself and 30 beautiful nail design ideas as inspiration. Let yourself be inspired!

Do French Nails yourself: how are you?

Actually, making French Nails at home is not a difficult task. You can do it professionally by following our tips. First, it’s enough to do your manicure once a week. Otherwise, they can become fragile – especially if you are filing the nails too much or using paint removers with acetone. It is also important to use a high-quality nail polish that lasts at least five days, dries quickly and has a soft brush with hair of different lengths. When it comes to nail polish remover, it’s best to choose non-acetone products that will not damage your nails. The first step is to completely remove the old nail polish. Then use a fine-grained file to shape your manicure – the nail tips should be spade-shaped or slightly round. The next step is to start painting. For classic French manicures, you’ll need a base coat in light pink or skin color, a white lacquer for the nail tips and a clear top lacquer that would give your nails the desired shine. Many manufacturers today offer special kits for French Nails, where you can find everything you need, including the nail templates, which are of particular importance to make the result look professional. First, you should apply the base coat in several layers to get an intense color. After it is dry, glue the stencils on the nails – a few inches above their tips. Paint the tips in white and wait a few minutes for them to dry out. Finally apply the transparent top varnish. Finished!

More ideas for gorgeous French manicure

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