Flowers serve as a great decoration for every occasion. Every celebration fails without flower decoration, which ensures your festive mood. Flowers beautify the whole ambience and give it a really extravagant look. Boredom in your own home? Bring home a piece of nature by decorating with flowers! On the market you will find a variety of flowers in numerous colors and shapes. But if you want to decorate your home individually, then you can make unique flower decoration yourself. Create original decoration by making flowers. Anyone who has some creativity can do DIY decoration themselves. Take a look at our great, creative craft ideas. It is worth it!

Making flowers is fun …

… and makes for a good mood!

The imagination knows no bounds.

… and for every occasion!

In this article, we suggest you create beautiful paper flowers. If you are looking for an effective crafting idea for Easter, then you could make fast daffodils. You need: Clay board (yellow and green); Glue stick; transparent adhesive tape; Floral wire; Crepe paper; Templates; Cork; Brush; Knife; sewing needle; Scissors;

You need it while crafting!

Here is a very simple guide to make your own Easter bells in a few steps.

First transfer the flower of the template to the yellow cardboard and the four sheets to the green cardboard! Then cut out everything with care (also the middle holes of the flowers)!

Cut off about 4 cm from the yellow crepe paper roll! Wrap one end tightly approx. 1 cm long with the adhesive film! Then push the crepe paper with the wrapped end through the hole of the yellow petal and glue firmly with the glue stick!

From the flower wire per daffodil cut about 30 cm long pieces. Then bend one side about 3-4 cm to an L-shape! Push the short piece from behind into the daffodil blossom!

Thread the green leaves onto the long end of the flower wire! Pierce marked points with the needle and enlarge them! Gradually push 4 leaves in a row on the wire!

Stick the leaves together with the glue stick so that they do not slip!

Done are the beautiful daffodils!

Daffodils – making flowers – that’s how it’s done!

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There are many ways to make unique flowers. Here’s a quicker guide on how to do it! You only need the following materials: colored paper, ruler and scissors.

Make paper flowers yourself step by step:

First, draw the flowers!

Then cut them out!

Clatter the lines and fold them up!

Cut out a paper strip and turn the paper!

Glue all parts together!

Done are the paper flowers!

In the same way, you can also make a beautiful bouquet of flowers, as well as a rose or a wreath of artificial flowers.

Have fun!

Make beautiful flowers!

That is how it goes!

Another method of making flowers is available here:

Lay the rectangle paper horizontally and fold the bottom edge to the top!

Open the rectangle again and fold a corner so that it reaches the center line!

With the other corners in this way!

Dan fold the bottom to the center line and then the top!

The two fold over each other!

Repeat with other rectangles and put them all in a row!

Take flower wire and bend it in the middle!

Put the wire over the folded strips!

Twist the wire under the paper!

Open the petals one after the other! Attention: Put your thumb in and press it with your index finger from below!

Paper flowers become a real one of a kind!

Really nice!

Make unique flowers for every occasion? Birthday, Easter, wedding party? Or you just want to decorate the apartment for the spring? Put on the DIY deco with flowers! Check out more creative craft ideas in the gallery below! Let yourself be inspired!

Surprise with creativity!

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