Betonlampe selber machen - Ideen und Anregungen
Actually, the concrete look and all accessories made of concrete lately particularly trendy. The reason – this material looks very simple and elegant, and can be successfully integrated into a modern minimalist or industrial interior. Concrete is by no means boring, just the opposite. The material is particularly multi-faceted and comes in different versions, which look from simple to quite impressive. In addition, you can work with concrete super easy – it is neither time consuming, nor do you need a lot of materials for it. Below we will show you how it works and how you can master a concrete lamp yourself. Let yourself be inspired!


Betonlampe selber machen: Anleitungen und kreative Ideen
As a material, concrete consists only of natural ingredients – especially clay and limestone, which are mixed with sand, gravel and water. Often you also add different additives to make the concrete denser and firmer. The mixing ratios actually play the most important role – according to which one differentiates the different types of concrete. For example, there are lightweight, solid and heavy, heat-insulating and pressure-resistant concrete. When pouring it is recommended to stir the mixture constantly so that it remains liquid all the time. For handicrafts you usually do not prefer the concrete from the hardware store, but the so-called “creative concrete”. This is very fine and also has a very high density. The exact mixing conditions can be found on the back of the packaging, but for our project we recommend giving 10 parts of concrete mix to 1 part of water.

Necessary materials for an original concrete lamp

Notwendige Materialien für eine originelle Betonlampe


For our idea you need the following materials:
– 1 packaging creative concrete
– Lamp socket
– a larger and a smaller PET bottle
– Cable connection
– Cordless screwdriver
– 2-3 screws
– empty can
– 1 thread (at least 7mm in diameter)

Sift the concrete

Mit Beton basteln : Den Beton sieben
First, we recommend that you sift the concrete. To do this, use an old pasta strainer and be sure to wear a protective mask so as not to breathe the concrete dust.
Shape the mold
You should now make a mold out of the two bottles. Cut about 1/3 of the larger bottle. Now drill the two covers using the cordless screwdriver in the middle, place the small bottle in the big one and fix both with the thread in the correct position. The distance between the bottles actually corresponds to the thickness of the lamp walls. Tighten 2-3 screws to make the construction more stable and finally put the bottles vertically into the can.

Pour the concrete mixture into the mold

Die Betonmischung in die Form gießen
Now you have to prepare the concrete mixture – preferably in a metal bowl with a jug of water nearby. When the mixture is ready, gradually start adding it to the mold with a wooden spoon. Make sure that there are no air bubbles between the concrete layers. When you’re done, let it harden for at least a day. Then remove the bottles (the concrete should not be completely solid!).

Mount socket and connection cable

Betonlampe DIY - Fassung und Anschlusskabel montieren
After removing the threads, treat the surface with fine-grained sandpaper. Now add the socket, the connecting cable and also a light bulb. And done! Other great design ideas for a concrete lamp you can get for our photos. And here’s a creative guide to Cement Block Table Lamp with Edison Light Bulb.
Betonlampe DIY - Fassung und Anschlusskabel montieren
Betonlampe selber machen - DIY Anleitung
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