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Playing with a cat does not only make the relationship with the owner stronger – it is also important for a different reason. The cats who live in the flat need a lot of exercise apart from food, but the games can replace hunting in the open air. They are also a wonderful change for your pet, so it is not bored and satisfied. Of course, kittens are more playful than older cats – but the animal will definitely appreciate your attention, whether it’s 2 months or 2 years old. The games with the cat can be a wonderful way to reduce the stress of everyday life, and also provide a great entertainment for your children. Make cat toys yourself is also a real pleasure – for this purpose, you can use various household items that you often no longer need such as rolls of toilet paper, an old newspaper, etc. In this way, you can not only save some money, but also express your creativity and imagination. We hope that our DIY cat toy ideas will be of help to you, and hope you enjoy crafting!

Making cat toys yourself: making “loot”

First, we suggest you make a toy yourself that looks like catching prey that your cat will like to hunt. The possible variants are simply limitless, but the simplest idea is to form a small ball with your hands from a Balatt paper or newspaper. Tie a ribbon or string to it – you can choose between a light, very flexible string and a heavy one that snakes over the floor. If desired, you can knot the cord or ribbon at the end of a rod and also fix with some tape. When you’re done, bring the “prey” to life, and let your cat catch it! If you want the toy to look a bit more realistic, you can also use a small stuffed animal – for example, mouse or birdie. But you should make sure that the toy has no parts, such as small buttons, beads, feather, which can break the cat during the game and swallow. It is also not impossible to make the “loot” yourself – from old socks filled with cotton you can make a fantastic “prey animal”! You can also make a mouse super light – just glue together two large pompons, and wrap one with gray fabric that you’ve cut out in teardrop shape. And if you’re not in the mood for crafting right now, you could also use a flashlight to simulate fast-moving prey. The cat can hunt and track the beam of light for hours, and will definitely talk!

Make cat toys themselves from toilet paper rolls

Fascinating cat toys can also be made from toilet paper rolls or kitchen towel rolls. From this you can, for example, conjure up a great snake – because cats also have an innate instinct to hunt snakes. Take three empty rolls of toilet paper and connect them with a string that is long enough to guide you through all the rolls and glue them on the inside – so the snake would be flexible. To make them more realistic, you can color them green or stick with green fabric and decorate with two shaky eyes. Get more great ideas for toys that will make your little roommate happy, from our photos!

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