You want to give your gift a personal touch and that’s why you want to buy a birthday card? Why do you have to spend money on overpriced cards, which in the end have no individual touch and special effect? Surely you have heard many times that the homemade gift is the best idea. The same applies to the cards. With very simple and inexpensive materials you will make unique birthday cards that will please your recipient for years! We’ll show you how to make the trendy pop-up birthday card yourself and how to make personal cards with the technology recycling at no cost! 60 more instructions await you in this post. You’ve never seen so many creative ideas in one place! Have fun crafting!

When it comes to making birthday cards, you’ll probably wonder what materials you need. Here creativity knows no bounds! Have you ever thought that you can make a birthday card from an old book? We show you how it works! Otherwise, you can also buy materials and make unique pieces of art by gluing or painting. Craft paper is perfect, as well as a box for vintage cards. If you like to sew, you can also use fabric scraps or felt. Glitter stars, stamps, watercolor paints – everything you can imagine! Immerse yourself in our colorful world of unique maps, where we have given you instructions with all the techniques and materials! Are you ready for the journey through the colorful maps and crafting techniques? Let’s go! Let’s start with the famous card – the folding card!

Trend: Make pop-up birthday cards

Do you know the trendy folding cards? You may say that you can only buy such an original pop-up card. But! Making a fold-out card yourself is easier than you expect. Only in a few steps you will make funny pop-up birthday cards using our tutorial! These can gladly give away for any occasion. For this reason, we show a guide with motifs that are suitable for any occasion.

Folded card tinkering instructions

Make a normal cardboard card in the desired color. Follow the structure from the picture above to transfer the cross lines to the map. Then cut them with the help of a cutter. Then follow the next instructions on the following picture:

Craft the balloons motif from tracing paper or cardboard by cutting and pasting the desired motifs. They are almost done. But you should make an outer card from a cardboard box in the same color as a fold-out card, which is 0.5 cm larger overall than the inner card.

Recycling crafts: Birthday cards made from recycled materials

If you’re not a fan of the traditional birthday paper crafted from construction paper, we have a very creative suggestion for you – a guide to cards made from recycled materials. Recycling crafting is the best alternative if you have bought a more expensive gift and have no money for a birthday card. And not only. These cards become unique, express your individuality and most importantly – are environmentally friendly. There are many possibilities – maps from old magazines, from old books – everything that lies somewhere in your home and takes up too much storage space. Now take a look at our guide with old books!

Recycling birthday cards yourself – DIY instructions

The materials needed: Of course, an old book …

… some stamps to your taste

… this template

… and lots of creativity!

Do not leave the page, we have put together for you 60 manuals and creative ideas! Have fun crafting!

A Guide for Those Who Want to Sew – Birthday Cards with Pom Poms

Sew the instructions for Pom Poms:

Step 1: – Stick pom poms on the card

Step 2: Make the card more colorful with Washi Tape

Another guide for sewing crazy: Make remnants of birthday cards yourself

Birthday cards with air balloon

The instruction:

The required materials:

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Scroll down to find more creative guides!

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