For a long time, the cakes and pies are a popular souvenir. Sweet homemade gift ideas have become very popular in recent years, especially when it comes to homemade Christmas gifts. Surely you have also heard of DIY

The baking mixture makes baking easy, almost all ingredients are already weighed and balanced together. Because of this, the perfect gift for occasions is when women do not have so much time to bake. Her mother is always looking forward to delicious cake, now you can conjure a smile on her face with such a gift for Mother’s Day!

1. Make baking mix in the glass itself – recipe and step by step instructions

In order to make a baking mix in the glass, you do not need much – apart from the ingredients only a sufficiently large screw or jar. Lay the dry ingredients for the baking mix in it, preferably to the brim, and make sure to close everything well. For a better mood, of course, a pretty packaging helps! Scroll down to get creative ideas for packaging. Done is a sweet gift idea! Tip: Keep the glass in a cool, dark place until you give it away. A step-by-step guide on how to make these gifts yourself and a recipe for homemade cookies in jars can be found here:

The required ingredients are:

300 g more

2 teaspoons of baking soda

150 g of sugar

vanilla sugar

150 g butter

2 eggs

Dark chocolate to taste

50 g white chocolate

The preparation:

Without proper packaging you can not make any presents yourself!

Baking mix in jar – Clean Eating Recipes

2. Muesli cookies recipe and preparation

The ingredients you need:

  • First row – 200 g muesli or oatmeal of your choice
  • Second row – 200 g of brown sugar
  • Third row – nuts at choice
  • Fourth row – chocolate
  • Last row – 200 g flour and 1 tsp baking powder

After opening, add 200 g of butter and 100 g of milk

3. Peanut butter in the jar

4. Give bread in the glass – baking mix in the glass recipe

5. Make baking mix in the glass itself – pancakes in the glass

6. Toffee cake in jar – baking mix in jar recipe


wheat flour

caramel bits


evaporated milk



brown sugar (sugar, caramel)

baking powder


Do you know someone who does not like Toffee? Definitely not! For this reason, this finished baking mix in the glass can be the perfect gift for everyone. At the top of the picture you will find the ingredients that look beautifully stacked. The delicious toffee cubes look impressive on top. Of course, besides ingredients you need instructions for preparation. As we said before, the baking mix in the glass is very easy to prepare – from and to the outside, just open and bake. With this recipe you should only add fresh egg, butter and milk. You can write that on the label.

And a video tutorial, what follows after opening the glass

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