Your child wants to try horseback riding, but at the moment you can not fulfill this wish? In this post we have a solution for you – we’ll show you how to make a hobby yourself! Hobbyhorses are popular children’s toys that children can use to play for hours – both indoors and outdoors. They stimulate physical activity, stimulate the child’s imagination and are a great gift to surprise your little darling. Below are some ideas and instructions for making a hobbyhorse yourself that are super easy – even for novice craftsmen. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Make a hobby: surprise your child with a wonderful toy!

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With the homemade hobby horse you can surprise the child for a Hobby crafting from old sock – instructions
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With an old sock you can tinker a pretty hobbyhorse very quickly and easily – the horse’s head is actually made out of the sock and a handle can be used, for example, as an old broomstick. To make the toy look as realistic as possible, you should pay attention to the details – the hobbyhorse should have mane, eyes, ears, mouth and halter. Depending on the size of the horse’s head you choose the sock – it is best to use old men’s socks in the sizes 42-45 (color and pattern are of course a matter of taste). First, you should fill the sock with cotton wool and attach it to your chosen handle – stick or broomstick. To do this, insert the handle deep into the filled sock and tie the sock end tightly with a string. Now the horse’s head is ready, and you only have to decorate it. Read on to find out how it works!

Make a hobby sock out of socks: make eyes and ears

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For the eyes you can use four buttons in different sizes and contrasting colors – eg two big white and two little black or brown buttons for the pupils. These should simply be sutured to the horse’s head with thread and needle, paying attention to the symmetry. The ears can be made from brown felt – you could just cut out two triangles and sew them to the horse’s head as well.

Make a hobby – make your mouth and mane yourself

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So that your hobbyhorse looks realistic, it should also have a mouth. You can easily make this with thread by sewing a line to the front of the face (as shown in the photos above). Now comes the design of the mane, which is very important for the great look of the toy. For this you need some wool yarn in the desired color, which you should wrap around a rectangular object – eg book, until you get the desired thickness. Then sew in the middle with a wool thread and cut the yarn along the sides. Tie the middle part and sew the finished mane upside down.

Tinker reins for the “horse”

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In the end, all you have to do is to make reins so that the children can “ride” the finished horse. This is particularly easy with laces – you should just bring them through the muzzle of the “horse” and tie a knot underneath. And done! For more great ideas on how to make a hobby yourself, have a look at the photos below!

Make a hobby – more creative ideas

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