Writing new recipes on a piece of paper is practical but messy – when you become too much, there is always chaos. To avoid this, we show you how you can easily design a personal cookbook yourself! That way you can be sure that you would never lose one of your favorite recipes. The recipes organized in cookbook can also be found much faster. The book itself can also be made very original and attractive, and below, we give you some great ideas in this regard, which you can tinker as desired. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and hope you enjoy writing your own cookbook!

Make a cookbook yourself: What are the advantages?

The homemade cookbook would be especially helpful in the kitchen, combining all your favorite recipes into a well-ordered work. Perhaps the greatest benefit of having your own cookbook is that you can directly incorporate all the methods and refinements you have “discovered” in preparing the dishes into the recipes. With the purchased cookbooks you often have no space for personal notes, the same with the recipes from the Internet. Furthermore, you can customize your own cookbook, and if you are a little more creative, you can turn it into a small “work of art” – look at the photos to see how impressive such a book can look like! The recipes can be organized and arranged according to your preferences, and the finished cookbook could also be for your children. If the idea for your own cookbook fascinates you, read on!

Make a cookbook yourself: How are you?

What do you need to create a cookbook yourself? First of all, a big booklet where you will collect all your favorite recipes, and also give you some space for more ideas. A better alternative to the classic exercise book today are the file folders and ring binders, which give you the opportunity not only to always add new recipes, but also to take them out, if necessary. Unlike the bound book, the folder will remain unfolded while cooking, which is also beneficial. The book can be handwritten (if you feel like it and have time) or typed on a PC, and you can add detailed recipe steps, ornaments, ideas for garnishes, and photos of the finished dish to each recipe. The cookbook will look a lot neater if you organize the recipes into departments – these can simply be “appetizers”, “main dishes” and “desserts”. You can also add subdivisions such as: “vegetarian appetizers” courses with fish without baking> “, etc. You can use a ready-made cookbook as a model. Arrange the recipe names alphabetically so you can find each recipe as quickly and easily as possible.

Make a cookbook yourself – decorate the title page

Also, consider how to beautify the front page of the cookbook – in this regard, our photos would give you lots of interesting ideas! Make the book into an apron or decorate it with lace, buttons, scrapbooking paper, rhinestones, different fabrics and whatever comes to your mind! Give your imagination free rein to create a personal and truly unique design! For example, a vintage-style cookbook decorated with yellowed newspaper, cut-out images from old cookbooks, bows and lace would look particularly impressive and romantic. Your recipe book would look just as beautiful if you dress it up in linen fabric or decorate it with funny pictures with cooking tematics. On the front page you can also write a few inspiring sayings or quotes about cooking. A well decorated but still empty cookbook would also be a wonderful gift for your mother, sister or girlfriend, who enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

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