Are there any fans of meaningful DIY projects here? Here we have a great suggestion for you that you will undoubtedly like, namely – to make a cool lamp from bottles yourself! Below we have collected 40 original ideas especially for you, from which you can draw inspiration. The article also contains tips and instructions that can help you master the lamp. We wish you lots of fun and success!

Make a lamp out of bottles – a wonderful DIY project for the weekend

Lampe aus Flaschen hängende Pendelleuchten
Lampe aus Flaschen Metallscheibe hängend
Lampe aus Flaschen Holzplatte Flaschen hängend
Lampe aus Flaschen Lampenfassung Kabel Glühbirne
Lampe aus Flaschen Pendelleuchten industrieller Stil
Lampe aus Flaschen im industriellen Stil herrlicher Look
Lampe aus Flaschen Pendelleuchte Bierflasche
Lampe aus Flaschen originelle Idee Essbereich
Lampe aus Flaschen attraktive Pendelleuchten
Lampe aus Flaschen Kristallflaschen verwenden
Lampe aus Flaschen selber machen romantischer Look
Lampe aus Flaschen Wandlampen Wodka Flaschen
Lampe aus Flaschen tolle Wandleuchte
Each of us has empty glass bottles at home that he has not yet thrown away. However, these can be used for other, very creative purposes – this is actually called Make lamp from bottles – cool table lamp in industrial style
Lampe aus Flaschen selber bauen Anleitungen
Lampe aus Flaschen Stehlampe Lampenschirm Whiskey Flasche
Lampe aus Flaschen Lichterkette DIY
Lampe aus Flaschen Weinflaschen Glitzer Lichterkette
Lampe aus Flaschen Bodenlampe Holzplatte
Lampe aus Flaschen Limonadenflaschen
Lampe aus Flaschen tolle Stehlampen Flaschen dekorieren
Lampe aus Flaschen rosa Lampenschirme
Lampe aus Flaschen tolle Idee Lichterketten
Lampe aus Flaschen Windlicht
Lampe aus Flaschen Glasflasche einfärben
Lampe aus Flaschen originelle Stehlampe
Lampe aus Flaschen tolle Stehlampe Lampenschirm
From glass bottles can make fascinating table lamps, and here we give you an interesting idea for it. Choose a bottle of thick glass (colored or clear – depending on your choice) and provide it with a hole for the cable. Use a drill bit for this purpose – this should be set to the lowest level and it is best to immerse the bottle in a bucket of water so that the glass does not break during drilling. Be very careful and wear safety goggles whenever possible. When the hole is ready, you can start assembling the lamp. The remaining materials you need are a smaller diameter drill bit than the hollow head screw, a light bulb, a cable, a wine cork, a socket, and two banjo bolts for lamps that the cable fits, and a plug. If you have no idea how to connect the cable to the plug, ask someone for help. Read on to find out how to assemble your bulb out of bottles!

Make a lamp out of bottles – instructions

Lampe aus Flaschen herrliche Stehlampen industriell
Lampe aus Flaschen interessante Glühbirnen
Lampe aus Flaschen Glasschneider
Lampe aus Flaschen Bierflasche zerschneiden
Lampe aus Flaschen Whiskey Flasche verwenden
Lampe aus Flaschen Glas abschleifen
Lampe aus Flaschen Bierflasche Fassung
Lampe aus Flaschen originelle Glühbirne
Lampe aus Flaschen Anleitung in Bildern
Lampe aus Flaschen zusammenbauen Materialien
Lampe aus Flaschen bauen wie geht es
Lampe aus Flaschen Korke Lampenfassung
Lampe aus Flaschen herrliche Idee mit Weinflaschen
Thread the cable through the hole so that it runs through the neck of the bottle. Drill a hole through the cork – actually one of the hollow screws should come into it. Let it protrude slightly at one end so that the socket can be screwed tight and thread the cable through. Now connect the cable to the socket and screw it onto the cork firmly (you can get an idea of ​​what the finished construction looks like from our photos above). Now dedicate yourself to the other end of the cable – this should still be connected to the plug. When you’re done with this task, screw a light bulb onto the socket. Finally, put the finished lamp somewhere in the room and insert the plug into the socket. If the light bulb is on, you’ve made it. You can also opt for an “original” light bulb – such as a colored or retro-look, so that the finished lamp looks even more interesting. More ideas for great DIY lamps from bottles you can draw from our photos.

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