Most couples are always faced with a major challenge when deciding who to invite to their own wedding. This is not an easy task, sometimes even stressful. But you can manage the stress by doing the wedding invitations together. This way you decide together on the guest list, spend those annoying moments together and you also have fun designing the invitations. That’s why we have selected some interesting ideas for you so that you can create unique guest invitations on the most beautiful day in your life and keep them as a souvenir for yourself!

Making wedding invitations yourself is not a difficult task

Making wedding invitations yourself is not as difficult as you would imagine. Of course you want your invitations to look perfect. All you need is a bit more paper. You can get thinner paper directly with the help of a printer. You can label construction paper yourself – with a little practice you can quickly write a great creative text on your cards with a calligraphy pen, which would surely surprise the guests! In terms of decoration, there are different variants, depending on your own taste.

Ornament with different elements

The decorative elements you can easily get from the craft business. There you will certainly find a variety of craft items, with which you can make the wedding invitations yourself and creatively – silk roses, gift ribbons, pearl necklaces, stickers with different motives such as wedding rings, pigeons, pies etc, hearts, stamps and much more.

You are welcome to use common photos

An interesting idea for the invitation, for example, is that you could stick a joint photo in the middle. Suggestion – in the photo, an allusion can be presented, such as “you are welcome” or “surprise! We are going to marry!” . It could also be very funny and playful if you print an old air ticket and send it in the form of a wedding invitation. Just fill in the most important details with a pencil. You can easily print the invitation flight ticket from the internet. So it will not only be much more interesting, but also cheaper!

Wedding invitations in the form of costumes

Wedding invitations in the form of calendar

Wedding invitations with self-cut wedding rings

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