If you want to own an apartment from the fairy tales, the stairwell is the most important part of the magical home. But to bring that spell into the home, the focus need not just be on design and style. The staircase lighting ignites the modern and contemporary interior. With our 11 wonderful ideas you will unite the functional with the aesthetic.

Light at every step by staircase lighting

The staircase lighting should show the separation between steps. Give light to every step and you no longer have to search for a switch at night. This can really be a security measure. But not only! If you light the front of your stairwell your home will look romantic. This lighting goes very well with minimalist and modern design. But if you prefer rustic stairs, light the way with candles!

Bring the stars to your apartment

Another idea is to install some lights on the wall next to the stairs. Depending on the size of your staircase, 3 or 4 lights should be enough. This makes the staircase lighting look like little stars. They are fine and chic, and no wall decoration is needed anymore. The recessed lights can also be combined very well with pendant lamps. In this way you achieve more light and security and it looks stylish.

Combine light and glass – that’s only possible with LED staircase lighting

LED lighting always speaks for luxury and class. Combined with glass, the staircase becomes a part of the minimalism and modern interior design. LEDs have become a new trend, as they not only look stylish, but bring many benefits. They save energy and have a long service life. They not only protect the environment but also our wallets. LED lighting can also be used as a border between the wall and the stairwell. A similar system can be used to light the steps from the back. The light can come from behind or from below. It’s fine, but strong enough. In addition, the effect is a bit different for each step and that’s what looks fabulous.

Attractive: also illuminate the banister

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