Macrame looks nice, is fancy and not that difficult to do by yourself. The macrame technique comes from the Orient and in Arabic means the word “weaving”. Eventually the knotting technique was brought to Europe and still this is a whole art. Who controls this technique, can create unique items unique. Whether jewelry,

General: It all starts with a Larks-head knot . An object such as a ring or a horizontal bar should serve as an anchor. Then a cord loop is placed over the anchor and bent over the top of the anchor. Pull the loop through the loop and tighten a knot. Continue to braid and knot until something results. There are different nodes. The classic macrame knots are: cross knot, Josephine knot, wave knot, half-turned cross knot. Of course, there are other types of knots that are used. The macrame knots always consist of four threads or several subdivisions with four threads. There should always be two carrier threads and two working threads. The carrier threads are inner threads that are not used for knotting. The working threads are the outer ones that are knotted. Since they are knotted, they should always be very long. All types of cords and threads can be used for knotting – cotton, silk, wool, natural rope, plastic rope, cables, etc. However, when choosing them you should pay attention to the thread size and the desired result. For decorations – thin threads and for hanging baskets – thicker.

You can make a flower basket according to the instructions. A hanging flower saves space and looks very nice. That’s why a macrame flower basket is the right choice here. For example you can take 3 ribbons a 3 m and 3 ribbons a 5 yards. Put them halfway through a ring so that 12 ribbons can be made and then knotted. Or you take a band that is tied down. Then divide into three or four bands and join together below. This creates a loop where the planter fits. The knotting technique is not difficult and you can conjure up beautiful macrame flower baskets.

Instructions for hanging basket

For these simple flower piles you really do not need to have a special talent for macrame knots. You just need a string or rope, a pair of scissors and your hands, that’s all. So you take the rope and cut eight equally long pieces of it. Put all eight ropes together, thread them into the planter hole and make an overhand knot at the end from the inside. Then divide the ropes into four double ropes and knot them about the edge of the pot. Now divide the two ropes from the created knots and knot them together with the adjacent rope, so that a stitch is formed. It continues to be knotted until the stitch covers the whole pot until finally four knots and four double ropes are created. Then take the double ropes and tie their ends together so that the hanging lamp can be hung.

Cross knot bracelet with instructions

Funny key chain

a necklace

Friendship bracelet

Make beautiful wall decoration yourself

Door curtain made with macrame technique

Embroidered and knotted – a great work of art

Lanterns with macrame

Macrame necklace with gemstone

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Hanging shelf with macrame technique – a knotted piece of art

Wall hanging – stylish and handmade

Pillowcase self-tie

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Earrings with oriental motifs

Oriental earrings with with colorful beads

Macrame earrings with silver

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Wall decoration – creative and stylish

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